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Answer each question below


Answer each question below.  Each answer should be 300-500 words not including references and title page, and your paper should be in APA format 

  1. In what ways have you experienced changes as a result of the material in this course?  What areas did you not connect with or make progress on?
  2. What will be your next steps in continuing your education on helping? On cultural diversity?
  3. Interview someone from a different cultural----a friend, co-worker, professor, relative.  Discuss at least 3 of the following, and share what you have learned and how it changes your perspective on that person and culture:
    • Importance and role of the family
    • Religion/Spirituality
    • Gender Issues
    • Attitudes about mainstream U.S. culture
    • Social Class
    • Cultural Values
    • Language Issues
    • Ambition and Family Obligations
    • Adapting to America or to a new region of America
    • 4. How did your self-care project go?  Was it successful?  Why or why not?  Will you continue with this plan or do something different in the future?  Explain.


1.  Includes your name title page. Includes page numbers 


2.  Paper is double spaced; 12 point Times New Roman with standard margins and double spaced (follows APA formatting). Each essay is 300-500 words. No title page or reference page is necessary.  


3.  Paper is well-organized, headings/subheadings are used so all information is easily found and flows smoothly. 


4.  Paper does not have grammatical mistakes. Paper does not have spelling errors.  


5. For question 1, read the Syllabus and IntroCounseling ppt before you do it. Complete Question1 according to  Syllabus and IntroCounseling



6. For question 4, read my self-care project before you do it. Complete Question4 according to my self-care project


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