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Homework answers / question archive / to imprison, confine, jail Syn: intern Ant: liberate, free  (adj

to imprison, confine, jail Syn: intern Ant: liberate, free  (adj


  1. to imprison, confine, jail

    Syn: intern
    Ant: liberate, free
  2.  (adj.) obligatory, required (n.) one who holds a specific office at the time spoken of

    Syn: (adj.) mandatory, necessary
    Ant: (adj.) optional, unnecessary
  3. humorous, jesting, jolly, joking

    Syn: waggish, facetious, droll
    Ant: solemn, grave, earnest, grim
  4. ridiculous, laughable, absurd

    Syn: risible, preposterous
    Ant: heartrending, poignant, pathetic
  5. biting or caustic in thought, manner, or style; sharply or bitterly harsh

    Syn: acrimonious, acidulous, sardonic, scathing
    Ant: bland, mild, gentle, soothing
  6.  (n.) prickly or stinging plant (v.) to arouse displeasure impatience or anger; to vex or irritate severely

    Syn: (v.) peeve, annoy, incense, gall
    Ant: (v.) please, delight, soothe, pacify
  7. consisting of or measured in money; of or relating to money

    Syn: monetary
  8. contemptibly cowardly or mean-spirited

    Syn: lily-livered
    Ant: stouthearted, courageous
  9. in a reclining position, lying down, in the posture of one sleeping or resting

    Syn: prone, supine, inactive
    Ant: erect, energetic, dynamic
  10. scheme to outwit or deceive an opponent or to gain an end

    Syn: trick, ploy, subterfuge


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