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Instruction: 1



1. Please write a least 300 words discussion based on the following requirements and questions

2. Read the book “Star with Why”.

3. Listen to the podcast on the story about the Apollo 8 Mission.

4. Watch the following documentary on Earthrise.


Requirements and questions:

a. You've read Start With Why. How does "Why" change your perception on strategy? In your opinion, does having a clear "why" have critical role on a business strategy? Does aligning a business strategy (WHY to you HOW to your WHAT) make sense? How so?

b. Has the story about the Apollo 8 mission changed your perspective on strategy and the "why"? How?

c. What is your most important "lesson/take away" from the "Why" book? What's your most important take away from the Apollo 8 story as it relates to this class?

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