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Homework answers / question archive / Show ability to use standard professional English in formal written documents

Show ability to use standard professional English in formal written documents


Show ability to use standard professional English in formal written documents.



Familiarize yourself with the strategies of research and produce an original five page minimum persuasive research essay using only the your College library to find varied academic resources/databases. Choose five current, varied (by type), and credible sources to use in writing to support your topic which should result in a five page essay that persuades the reader that your perspective on a debatable topic is the correct position to take. Your APA paper should demonstrate your ability to engage the reader, provide a strong thesis with pattern for development, incorporate in-text citations as needed, and include a final reference page listing and using research resources as described above. Here is the topic for your persuasive essay assignment:

What do you think will be the most important debatable economic or social problem facing your field of work [nursing or being a nurse] 20 years from now? Choose the problem, define it, and defend your position using credible research from the your College library databases.




1. Student clearly employs research to develop the topic. Introduction clearly gives the purpose of the paper and thesis indicates a “reason for writing” and is used to command the development of the rest of the essay.

2. Body paragraphs clearly support main idea of the essay and illustrate good use of research to achieve the purpose of the assignment. Student sticks to the thesis support.


3. Paper follows standard essay paragraphs that successfully show review of the thesis, and main ideas of the body support the paper. Conclusion effectively signals completion of the persuasive essay. All persuasive elements work together with the use of research.


4. Varied sentence structure and simple/complex sentences show sophisticated style. Demonstrates effective use of transitions. Sentences work to show development of the essay.


5. No grammatical or mechanical errors evident in complete variety of simple and complex sentences that effectively prove the points as stated and use transitions correctly to move through the paper.

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