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Homework answers / question archive / Need help with my writing homework on Business Operations of Nike and Adidas

Need help with my writing homework on Business Operations of Nike and Adidas


Need help with my writing homework on Business Operations of Nike and Adidas. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Nike Corporation deals with developing, designing and global marketing of products ranging from apparel and accessories to footwear and sports pieces of equipment. The company is known to cater to about 18,000 retail stores with its products across the United States. It also makes available its products in about 200 different countries with the combination of independent licensees, distributors, and subsidiaries. The athletic footwear range of Nike is particularly designed for the use of athletes. however, few of the products from this range are used for leisure as well as informal purposes. The company designs its products for all age groups of women, men and children. The popular group of products that has the highest sales is basketball, cross-training, running, women’s and children’s shoes. The company also designs and markets footwear that is required for outdoor actions like golf, baseball, bicycling, wrestling, aquatic activities, other recreational and athletic uses, tennis, soccer, football, volleyball, cheerleading and hiking among others. Nike is also involved with selling sports-related pieces of equipment which entails the majority of the mentioned groups, lifestyle wear that is athletically enthused and others. The competitive advantage of the company is stated to be its constant innovations in the field of apparel, footwear, and types of equipment as well. The company attains this competitive edge with the help of its Research and Development team which is technologically quite advanced (Dermesropian & Et. Al. “NIKE”). The suppliers of Adidas are trained in a way so that they comprehend the significance of setting up and synchronizing the organizational system of management along with ways and methods of proper communication. The easy and transparent system of communication is maintained with the people associated with the way they carry out their business functions including the local communities, government officials or even the laborers employed. The company gives enough importance to the specifications and to the code of conduct of the suppliers. The suppliers associated with the company are required to carry out their operations according to the specifications provided by Adidas and the industry at large. The company also has its own team of auditors who are responsible for keeping a check that whether the operations of the suppliers are in accordance with the company’s specifications. The group also encourages screening of their operations by other third parties as Adidas believes that the process of screening their supply chain operations facilitates in enhancing their way of working as well as adding credibility. The suppliers catering to the company or the group are rated according to their compliance with their specifications. The rating process and results help the company in taking decisions regarding selecting the suppliers (Adidas Group, “How We Work with Suppliers”). The group is known to entail two sales channel and they are wholesale as well as retail (Adidas Group, “Global Sales Strategy”).

Nike is quite efficient in identifying the requirement of a properly synchronized and effectual supply chain for the reason of gaining efficiency in it is business and industry. The supply chain entails numerous fields, such as raw materials, production, shipping, and retail among others. Therefore, the company engages guidelines in the processes of its supply chain that ensures the delivery of competent and money-making products in a proper manner.

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