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Homework answers / question archive / Discuss how an organisation can use SWOT analysis to improve their competitive advantage

Discuss how an organisation can use SWOT analysis to improve their competitive advantage


Discuss how an organisation can use SWOT analysis to improve their competitive advantage.

Make reference to research and give recommendations. (40 marks total)


(20% of overall UFP assessment)


Background info:

SWOT analysis is a vital tool that analyses an organisations internal Strengths and Weaknesses and the external Opportunities and Threats that they face. It is one of the main steps taken by most organisations to develop strategies to improve their competitive advantage and to achieve their overall mission.









Your task: to be completed individually:

Part1- research notes (10 marks, 25% of coursework 2)

  • Decide and research on 2 companies in different industries and conduct a SWOT analysis on each


What is their mission? What is the current situation of the company (consider the four functions of an organisation)? What are they good at? Where do they need to improve? What are the external factors which affect the company? How is the external environment changing?


Part 2- individual essay (30 marks, 75% of coursework 2)

  • Individually, produce a 1500- 2000 word essay under ‘controlled conditions’ which answers the above title question, using the framework below (your essay should include referencing):


  1. Introduction- definition of SWOT analysis and outline the reasons for a business carrying out this type of analysis.
  1. Describe your research examples of 2 businesses and carry out a SWOT analysis for each business.
  1. Conclusion-
  • Evaluate the usefulness of SWOT analysis to the 2 businesses
  • Make 3 specific recommendations for each business to help it gain a competitive advantage and achieve their mission. Analyse the advantage and disadvantage of each recommendation made. 
  1. Bibliography- provide a list of websites you have used when carrying out research.







Students must complete and submit their preparation notes to their business UFP teacher




  1. Your teacher will then give you feedback on your preparation notes by  


You will hand in your final prep notes to your Business UFP teacher by



You will type up the essay under ‘controlled conditions’ (3hours) within school on



What are ‘controlled conditions’?

  • Typing up the essay on the computer, in complete silence (exam conditions).
  • Mobile phones will be collected in.
  • All school bags and coats will be placed together on one side of the room, away from where you are typing your essay.
  • You will be provided ‘guest’ log in details by your teacher, and will type the essay in the Microsoft Word software of that computer profile.
  • You can only use the preparation notes handed to your teacher beforehand.
  • You are not allowed to share your preparation notes with any other student.
  • You will have no access to the internet, Microsoft Outlook or additional notes and textbooks.  
  • You are not allowed to talk to any other student during the controlled assessment period, or risk getting disqualified.
  • If you have a question, you must put your hand up and wait for the teacher to come to you.
  • You are not allowed to use USB data sticks, and if caught, this will be viewed as cheating and you risk disqualification.
  • At the end of the 3 hours, regardless of where you are in typing, you must immediately stop, save and print off your essay. Submit to your teacher with the signed declaration sheet before exiting the room.


Additional Info:

  • Any student, who does not meet the first preparation notes deadline, will forfeit the opportunity to receive feedback from the teacher.
  • Any student, who does not meet the final preparation notes deadline, will forfeit the opportunity to have access to these notes when typing up the essay in controlled conditions.
  • Any student who is absent on the day of the essay type up within controlled conditions will receive 0%. If there is a genuine medical reason and evidence provided, the Business UFP teacher will reschedule an extension date for you to type up the essay under controlled conditions.

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