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Homework answers / question archive / established maryland as a haven for catholics

established maryland as a haven for catholics


  1. established maryland as a haven for catholics. he unsuccessfully tried to reconstitute the english manorial system in the colonies and gave vast tracts of land to catholic relatives, a policy that soon created tensions between the seaboard catholic establishment and backcountry protestant planters
  2. colonial governor who imposed harsh military rule over jamestown after taking over in 1610. a veteran of england's brutal campaigns against the irish
  3. protestant queen of england, who 45 year reign firmly secured the anglican church and inaugurated a period of maritime exploration and conquest, virgin-queen
  4. daughter of chief powhatan
  5. chief of the powhatan indians and father of pocahontas
  6. enlgish courier and adventurer who sponsored the failed settlements of N.C's roanoke island
  7. english colonist whose marriage to pocahontas in 1614 sealed the peace of the first anglo-powhatan war
  8. english adventurer who took control of jamestown in 1608 and ensured the survival of the colony by directing gold-hungry colonists toward more productive tasks
  9. erudite leader of the separatist pilgrims who left england for holland, and eventually sailed on the mayflower to establish the first english colony in massachusetts.
  10. english explorer who ventured into N.Y. Bay and up the Hudson River for the Dutch in 1609 in search of a Northwest Passage across the continent

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