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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on understanding children and young people

Write a 5 pages paper on understanding children and young people


Write a 5 pages paper on understanding children and young people. Young people with disabilities have a hard time to cope up with the pressures of the society. The disability aspect is such that it hurts the young ones more than it could provide them with any facilitation.The young ones with disabilities look at life from a very pessimistic angle because they believe that their lives have come to an end, and that they cannot move ahead further in life. What is important to know is how they are able to sustain pressures within their folds and what more they could do to keep themselves mentally and physically strong.The manner in which identity is formed under such settings is an important one to contemplate, more so when the talk goes out loud regarding the implications of physical disabilities and the attached impediments. This identity is formed through an understanding that physical disabilities bring upon a sense of discomfort within the working realms of the people who are suffering from the same. It gives them pain and a feeling of being left out of the related equations within the life’s varied settings (Fulk, 2011). There is a sense of unfortunate occurrence happening within their fore, on a consistent basis, which needs to be tapped, analyzed and understood within the relevant scheme of things. The physical disability aspect is being seen all over the world with a sense of skepticism because people do not actually understand the gravity of the situation at hand. All they can gather is the fact that the disabilities are hurting but what they do not consume is how much the sufferer has to go through with each passing day and especially within the children’s scenario, it becomes even more incomprehensible. Similarly, the role of the society within the formulation of a clear cut strategy to keep the concerns away of the young ones suffering from physical disabilities is a significant one. This is because it will define who is going to perform what activity and how things shall shape up in the coming times within the environs of a society (Mullan, 2011). If the society’s elders understand the due role of the physical disabilities as these affect the young ones, the remedies could be easily ascertained (Williams, 2011). This is the need of the hour within the relevant settings because the young ones might feel missing out on the tangent of being equal with the normal children and this is something that is deemed as a completely unacceptable entity. Similarly, the role of the others within such discussions is an important one. This is because the others have to make sure that their point gets heard properly and without much fuss. These others comprise of the non-group members who have a direct bearing and impact on the young ones who have a handicap associated with them in one form or the other. These people depict a clear cut approach towards the young ones who are lacking on one count or the other, and their roles become significant as differential stances are suggested by the domains of the society. One must understand that the physical disability aspect should always be put under wraps for obvious reasons. The manner in which people come to terms with these children who are handicapped in one way or the other remains an important aspect. This is important because the disability factor must take the backseat and talents and skills of these individuals should always be encouraged across the board. The identity of the young ones gets developed or becomes hindered if the physical disability tenet is not handled properly. This means that there could be serious ramifications if things are not addressed in an adequate way. Therefore the role of the group members is indeed an important one within the relevant scheme of things. The society as a whole has got a definitive role to play within the thick of things.

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