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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic ethical decision makin process

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic ethical decision makin process


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic ethical decision makin process. The father of the child is also a stakeholder because as a father, he needs to provide for his child. But in cases where the father leaves the mother, as in abandonment or a crime like rape, the father does not have any responsibility to the child as his choice. But the major stakeholder of the situation is the mother of the child. The mother is the host of the child. The fetus is a child, and it is quantified as a person for the pro-life movement and as just another organism for the pro-choice movement. The child, according to a New Jersey Superior Court, “If a fetus is a person, it is a person in very special circumstances – it exists entirely within the body of another much larger person and usually cannot be the object of direct action by another person.” With pregnancy, the mother is put at risk because childbirth is a potentially fatal process. Pregnancy also leeches the mother of her health as the fetus needs a lot of nutrients that it can’t directly get its nutrients from food. The stake is enormous for the society and the mother. The quote, “It takes a whole village to raise a child” applies here. The society is also responsible for the nurturing of the child in terms of providing the societal needs of a person: social needs, jobs, etc. The mother also has a huge stake when it comes to pregnancy and abortion. The mother, when deciding to have an abortion, would be judged as a murderer in most cases. Most mothers undergo abortion because of reasons that typically pressure the mother into choosing abortion, like her low economic status, unstable job, genetic anomalies, etc. This is because, naturally, if the mother had a lot of resources, she would not undergo abortion. Politically, the mother also has a lot of stake put on it because the debate on the legality and morality of abortion is still widely debated and the legalities of it are still very difficult to grasp, because of the moral and ethical issues associated with it. Stage Three: The pro-abortion argument is valid because the mother has her own right on her body. It is her own and she should have the right to use her body and decide for it. Her body is being compromised because of the pregnancy. Other arguments for the pro-abortion movement is most conceptions are naturally unsuccessful and are naturally aborted within a month, making abortion natural and therefore, not criminal (because it is natural). Thus, criminalization of abortion implies criminalizing a natural act. However, anti-abortion arguments are also quite valid. They argue that a fetus is a person, and it can feel pain. When that happens, when you intentionally get rid of a person (fetus) it is murder, and therefore should be treated as a crime. The anti-abortion argument can be a bit confusing because the proponents of this argument do not really want to incriminate the mothers who decide to have abortion performed on them. These proponents actually want to incriminate the doctors who have “brainwashed” the mothers in order to get money from them. However, these are not quite convincing because if indeed it’s a crime, it is indeed murder because it is premeditated. Then again, these pro-lifers do not want extreme methods of punishment performed on the mother.

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