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Homework answers / question archive / write an article on Problems of Industrialization in Pakistan

write an article on Problems of Industrialization in Pakistan


write an article on Problems of Industrialization in Pakistan. It needs to be at least 1250 words. This essay discusses the Pakistan country, that is a developing nation that is dependent on agriculture as the country is endowed with fertile lands fit for the economic activity. Nonetheless, the process of industrializing her agricultural activities has been faced by several problems impeding the whole process. This essay expounds on the different factors undermining the efforts to industrialize the operations in the country and not the negative effects that may result from industrialization in a given country. The factors were identified from the responses in a survey that was carried out to seek information from a variety of industrialists in the country in relation to the industrialization problems they have encountered, or the factors they consider detrimental to the process. The researcher discusses the problems of electricity and energy shortages, poor and underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of trained and skilled workforce problem, little emphasis that is given on research and development as well as declines in foreign direct investment, that is needed today. It is also concluded by the researcher that the country has been making efforts to promote its industrialization, but the efforts have had no positive yields yet. The researcher also mentiones that foreign direct investors, who can contribute significantly to industrialization through introduction of new technologies, are not attracted to a country with such deficiencies, that were discussed in the essay and that is the main problem.

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