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Homework answers / question archive / Write 8 pages with APA style on Explaining About Others Behavior

Write 8 pages with APA style on Explaining About Others Behavior


Write 8 pages with APA style on Explaining About Others Behavior. However, these attributions do not result in accurate reactions. Instead of acting as objective perceivers, human beings constantly make perceptual errors that result in biased interpretations of other people’s social world.

For example, whenever a driver of a public vehicle cuts passengers off, the passengers in most cases attribute blame, claiming that the driver is driving recklessness (for example, “what a jerk”), instead of considering the situational circumstances (for example, “maybe they were in a rush and did not notice me”).

Social psychological researches continue to examine why and how people exhibit error based interpretations on social information (Heyman & Dweck 2008, P. 24). There are many types of attribution errors, which current researchers have identified, and recent social, psychological research on these biases examines how such errors subsequently affect behaviour and emotion of other people (Bull & Vine 2003, P. 45).

Social psychological researches have identified a number of different attribution errors all of which give a description of ways in which we portray biased interpretations about others’ behaviours (Heyman & Dweck 2008, P. 27).

The fundamental attribution error is biased people make when explaining the behaviour of others.Accordingly, this error is common and whenever people make certain attributions about others’ actions, they put more emphasis on the dispositional factors, and therefore ignoring the influences of situational factors (Baron & Branscombe 2012, P. 127).For instance, when a coworker bumps into another person while hurrying to attend a meeting, we tend to explain such behaviors as hastiness or carelessness of the coworker, instead of considering that such a coworker was running late to attend a meeting.

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