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Homework answers / question archive / Write 2 pages with APA style on College Girl to Call Girl by Sarah Schmidt

Write 2 pages with APA style on College Girl to Call Girl by Sarah Schmidt


Write 2 pages with APA style on College Girl to Call Girl by Sarah Schmidt. Stacy states that she is into the prostitution trade merely for the high money it pays, which is crucial to pay her rent and tuition fees and there is no job which would be able to pay her one-hundred-fifty dollars for an hour. Anna, another academic student prostitute is mentioned in the article, comes from a respectable family, the father being a businessman. Like Stacy, Anna too is a "high-end call girl", in the sex trade. Stacy and Anna do not like what they are doing but plan to move ahead with the trade until they establish themselves firmly on the path to a successful and respectable career. Stacy argues that she is not like all the other prostitutes since she carries herself with a "level of respect". John is also a sex-worker who had initially been in the sex-trade for the same reasons as Stacy and Anna. He states that in the beginning, he was afraid of revealing his bisexuality, but now his friends know about it, although his parents don't.

What is ironical is that all the subjects of Schmidt have cited merely monetary reasons for taking up the trade and do not wish to continue the practice of prostitution as a choice, once they are established well in their careers.

Essay- 'The Pleasures of Love' by Robertson Davies

The author begins the article warning readers that he does not wish to describe love in terms of physical pleasures or psychological pleasures. rather he wishes to touch upon that aspect of love experienced directly by the lovers especially when two people are married to each other. The author debates that love in a love affair too does not qualify for his attention since there are jealousy and separation attached to them. He makes the distinction between a love affair that qualifies for the youthful "sprinters" and "the pleasures of love" which is for the not so young "marathoners".

The author elaborates that the youthful love and passion between the characters of Shakespeare including Juliet and Romeo or Othello as an incorrect lead into his investigation of Pleasures of Love. He takes a step further and states that the pleasure of love is for the middle-aged couples, who are "addicted to each other" and have the strength to crush their egos in their attempts to "reconcile". The addiction for the 'other', does contain elements of passion but they do not co-exist due to passion alone. Robertson mentions his observations of happily married couples who love and cherish the qualities that the other partner possesses who ironically may be temperamental opposites of each other. Davies is perplexed by the existence of the so-called intelligent couples, who are concerned about minor issues, ignoring the "complex and delicate" marriage by neglecting the affectionate and emotional needs of the other partner.

Davies emphasizes the value and importance of conversation in love, stating that it is crucial for two people to share each others' thoughts, to realize that they love each other. For marriages to endure the test of time, Davies explains, it is crucial to "open" the "hearts and minds" by means of "good and copious" communication, for, it "promotes longevity" in marriage and ensures that that the love between them will never die.

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