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Homework answers / question archive / You and your classmates differ widely in your familiarity with this topic: 1) You may be unmarried and have not thought much about it yet

You and your classmates differ widely in your familiarity with this topic: 1) You may be unmarried and have not thought much about it yet


You and your classmates differ widely in your familiarity with this topic: 1) You may be unmarried and have not thought much about it yet. 2) You may be married with a family and have used birth control at some point. 3) You may have been badly disappointed by some method of birth control. 4) You may view birth control use as unscriptural. Can you see the high value in doing some research on this as a group and then—lovingly, humbly, and modestly—sharing your conclusions with each other? This could be a tremendously valuable discussion, especially for the younger members of the course. This is an opportunity for ministry.

Preparing for your discussion:

Research using 4 reference sources:

  • Scriptural statements about life's sanctity and God's authority over creation of life
  • The section on "Control of Birth" in your textbook's chapter on human reproduction
  • The course presentation entitled "Birth Control Issues"
  • Trusted websites considering birth control issues/methods

As you use these sites, search for numbers, frequencies, and quantitative comparisons. Numbers in your threads and replies mold you into a scientist and will improve your scores on this board.

Preparing for your thread:

Evaluate these 6 general categories of birth control for your classmates:

  1. Pills/patches/rings (estrogen and progestin based)
  2. Sympto-thermal and condom/diaphragm
  3. Intrauterine devices (such as ParaGard, Mirena)
  4. Surgical – vasectomy (male sterilization)
  5. Surgical – tubal ligation (female sterilization)
  6. Male withdrawal during sexual relations

Compare each of these 6 categories against the following 4 criteria:

  1. Protects the rare new life formed while the method is in use
  2. Protects maternal (paternal?) health
  3. Is reversible
  4. Is effective

It is assumed that these 4 criteria are not equally important. Ignore the following criteria: value in preventing STDs, cost, and ease of use.

Choose the category of birth control that you discover to represent the best balance of these 4 criteria. Assume that you are selecting this birth control for a young, married woman with no unusual sexual health issues. Avoid exceptional personal experiences by generalizing from the 4 reference sources above.

Writing your thread:

Either: Represent your choice using 3 numbered sentences: Sentence 1 (very short) states the category you have chosen. Sentence 2 (using many phrases) explains the principle virtues of your category based on the above 4 criteria. Sentence 3 lists the single greatest limitation of your category.

Or: If you categorically will/would not use any birth control method, use your sentences in the following way: Sentence 1 states your position and gives a biblical passage (reference only) that urges you toward your position. Sentence 2 explains which category of birth control least offends you and why. Sentence 3 explains which category of birth control most troubles you and why.

No personal experiences/stories. Limit is 100 words total within the 3 sentences.

Writing your replies:

  1. Your first reply must be 2 numbered sentences that critique a thread representing a category of birth control, or position on birth control generally, that you find less/least desirable. Use numbers wherever possible instead of using words like "most," "few," "much more than," etc.
  2. Your second reply must be 2 numbered sentences to anyone who has replied to your own thread.
  3. Should no one reply to your thread, you must reply to a second thread.
  4. Replies must critique threads supporting different categories/positions from your own. Do not simply repeat someone else's criticisms of a thread.
  5. If few threads contain category selections different from your own, then your replies may identify a weakness or omission in a thread that supports the same category as your own.

Limit is 50 words per reply and 100 words total.


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