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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on website migration project Paper must be at least 2000 words

Write an article on website migration project Paper must be at least 2000 words


Write an article on website migration project Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! It entails the technical, functional and aesthetic factors that relate to a website. The focus of web architecture is on the user and particularly on their requirements. Web architecture addresses this by focusing on the web content, usability, business plan, interaction design, web design and information architecture. Web architecture is also a fundamental concept that includes web site map and website navigation (Linux Home Networking, 2011).

In the Tony’s Chips context, the website will be a two-tiered web architecture that entails the web browser that will be used to display the information and content to the different users and a web server that is used to transfer the requested information to the clients/users. Essentially, web pages will be designed using the conventional HTML language, the site will also maintain the initial URL (universal Resource Locator) this will allow it to be accessed and used by users globally.

Websites are either internally (self hosting) or externally hosted. Each of these options has different advantages and disadvantages depending on the business needs and requirements. The decision as to whether to self host or externally host a website is dependent on many factors including cost, reliability, convenience, privacy and other ethical concerns.

Tonys’ Chips wishes to transfer their website from external hosting to internal (self) hosting. In order to achieve this objective, there are several steps and procedures that must be followed for effectiveness and reliability. The aim is to move the website from an external host to an internal host with minimum or limited down time and disruptions to the normal business operations.

Many technologies have been invented that has ultimately made the transfer of web sites from one host to another easier. Despite the leap in technology advancement, there are minimal downtimes and delays expected in the transfer.&nbsp. Such transfers have resulted in domains going dark for some hours or even days in different occasions. This is mainly occasioned by the need to transfer web files, restore vital database files and ensuring that every software needed for the running of the web site is installed. Additionally, the configuration of sub domains and ensuring that they are in working order may result in a down time of up to a day or two.&nbsp.

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