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1. Helen corporation has positive current earnings and profits (E&P) of $60,000. it distributes land worth (fair market value) 44,000 (adjusted basis of 36,000) to Freddie, an individual shareholder. The land is subject to a mortgage of 31,000 which Freddie assumes. Freddie has Taxable income (dividends)of: ?

2. Charlie was hired by Ajax this year as a corporate executive and a member of the board of directors. During the current year, Charlie received the following payments or benefits paid on his behalf.

a. Charlie uses the cash method and calendar year for tax purposes. Calculate Charlie’s gross income for the current year.

b. Suppose that Ajax agrees to pay Charlie an additional $100,000 once Charlie completes five years of employment. Will this agreement alter Charlie’s gross income this year relative to your part (a) answer? (yes/no)

c. Suppose that in exchange for his promise to remain with the firm for the next four years, Ajax paid Charlie four years of director’s fees in advance. Will this arrangement alter Charlie’s gross income this year relative to your part (a) answer? (Yes/No)

d. Assume that in lieu of a year-end bonus Ajax transferred 500 shares of Bell stock to Charlie as compensation. Further assume that the stock was listed at $35 per share and Charlie would sell the shares by year-end, at which time he expected the price to be $37 per share. What would be the value of compensation and gain on sale which would be included in Charlie’s gross income

e. Suppose that in lieu of a year-end bonus Ajax made Charlie’s house payments (a total of $23,000). What would be the value of the house payments which would be included in Charlie's gross income?

Salary payments Contributions to qualified pension plan Qualified health insurance premiums Year-end bonus Annual director's fee Group-term life insurance premiums (face value $40,000) Whole life insurance premiums (face value $100,000) Disability insurance premiums (no special elections) $92,000 10,200 8,400 15,000 10,000 750 1,420 4,350

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