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Write 11 pages thesis on the topic hrm in europe


Write 11 pages thesis on the topic hrm in europe. HRM was previously studied in the context of a certain country, i.e. there was an ethnocentric approach (Chapman, 1996. Clark et al., 1999). The ethnocentric approach has a serious drawback: it is hard to believe that the Universalist approach can be applied in other cultures and not only in the source culture. Nevertheless, it is better to have such kind of methodological goal, which can be applied in different nations.

Similarities of HRM practices result from a similar conceptualization of HRM. Employee management can seem to be similar in different countries at first glance, but in reality, there can be a lot of divergences and discrepancies. Another drawback of the ethnocentric approach is its lack of concern about the nature of societal or cultural differences (Clark et al., 1999). It is more relevant to apply these considerations to the nature of employer-employee relations with regard to societal and cultural differences.

If countries are culturally close to each other, then management models can be identical there. Cultures of “high repertoire” occur in developed countries with rich areas and contexts for managers’ decision making. Cultures of “low repertoire” occur in developing countries, where techniques and skills of managers are limited. One of the pioneering polycentric studies by Guillen (1994) shows on the examples the United States, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain that HRM models applied in these countries witness the fact that introduced similarities of HRM were perceived in a different way by different nations. This researcher claims that each country has its own HRM model.

In such a way, there is a need to conduct a study, which will clarify if there are certain similarities in European HRM models or each model is indigenous and is relevant to only one certain country (Ignjatovic, Sveltic, 2003).

On the basis of the works of the leading European scientists, we’ll focus our attention on HRM.&nbsp.

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