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Homework answers / question archive /  submit a 500 words paper on the topic The Vaulting Ambition of Americas Lady Macbeth

 submit a 500 words paper on the topic The Vaulting Ambition of Americas Lady Macbeth


 submit a 500 words paper on the topic The Vaulting Ambition of Americas Lady Macbeth. Macduff-the Thane of Fife's-family is then murdered by Macbeth. Ultimately, Macbeth teeters on the edge of insanity, being haunted by Banquo's ghost, and his Lady has bouts of sleepwalking in which she talks of having blood on her hands. Macbeth is finally defeated and killed, a victim of his own unbridled ambition and refusal to temper it with ethicality. His unethical acts also arise as a result of his wife's collusion and open encouragement.

Bill and Hillary are one of the most powerful couples of modern times. He was the President of the US for eight years (1993- 2001), and she the First Lady. if her attempt to become the President in 2008 meets with success, this would give them an indelible place in the history books-a couple who were at the helm of affairs in a country that plays a leading part in controlling world events-for 12 years or even more.

Bill Clinton has had a successful political career, having been the Governor of Arkansas and later on the President of the US. As President he was seen as competent-as a person who did a good job-and even today, his name is associated with humanitarian and charity work. His affair with Monica Lewinsky, an intern, and his impeachment, where it was proved that he had committed perjury-lied under oath-happened as an outcome of his entanglement with Lewinsky, and his feeble attempts at a cover-up. Like Macbeth, Bill is a weak person, giving in to an impulse of the moment. Macbeth is credulous and does not pass up the chance to become powerful at any cost. Bill does not seem to be able to overcome his weakness for women and displays a readiness to sacrifice principles, in order that he can have both the women and the presidency. (Even as early as 1977, Clinton had started a relationship with Gennifer Flowers, which continued for more than a decade.)

The irony of the whole business is that Hillary was seen as an individual with her own mind, a person who would change the role of First Lady from merely ornamental to participative. Before her, only Eleanor Roosevelt had that kind of influence on the Presidency. Hillary actively participated and contributed to matters of state, being in her own right, a capable, educated, accomplished, and intelligent person-an apt role model for the independent and thinking American woman. Unfortunately, when the Lewinsky scandal broke out, Hillary's stance in sticking to and supporting her errant husband became a matter of controversy. Though some saw it as an act of courage and loyalty, in forgiving and standing by him, others easily sensed that the reason for her reluctance to break the powerful partnership with Bill was that her future lay in its continuance.

Did Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton decide to 'forgive' her husband, and use the sympathy she gained in the wake of the Lewinsky scandal to further her political career She became a senator in 2000, in the aftermath of Lewinsky and now she stands to become the President of the United States. Would her presidency, if it happens, be a victory for American women Or could it be considered an outcome of political expediency We can argue endlessly.

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