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Homework answers / question archive / Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Learning Disability And Leadership: Becoming An Effective Leader

Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Learning Disability And Leadership: Becoming An Effective Leader


Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Learning Disability And Leadership: Becoming An Effective Leader. I wish to note that if either the managers learn about their workers disability status very well to be physically or visually impaired, they can be able to identify which roles they can play best for the general benefit of the organization. Physically challenged individuals should not be included in the vigorous training but can be given other roles to play (Antes & Mumford 2012).

Managers should provide psychological empowerment to their employees. This will make them have a comprehensive understanding and great ability to make viable decisions and to think between difficult issues. The psychological empowerment will also play a very vital role in stress management and anger management that can be caused by too much loads of work. Good anger management improves the relationship between the employees at work place creating good working environment. The manager should also learn how to manage the workers stress due to the working conditions and how to provide to the workers the passion that encourages them to work (Antes & Mumford 2012).

It is noted that there should be clear judicial services within an organization where justice can be obtained for the workers. This will enhance respect for one another and peaceful mutual coexistence among the workers. The manager should therefore ensure that workers have job security and their freedoms are not thwarted by unfairness in the rule of law. It has also been observed during the research on the Korean Companies that internal training of the employees improve their innovative performance. This therefore indicates to the managers that they should spend much of their training finances in the internal organizational training and not on external training. The manager should be able to identify the conflicts that can erupt among the employees either the intra-unit or the inter-unit conflicts. These conflicts can greatly affect the performance of the organization if not dealt with earlier. In order for the manager to handle the organizational conflicts efficiently, there should be vibrant and well-integrated systems that can offer an integrated and cross-level perspective on identity conflicts at work (Antes & Mumford 2012). The managers should also be able to provide guidance to their employees on the social information about how to manage the work-family issues. This will improve their behavioral integrity and enable them manage their work very well and improve their work performance besides managing their family issues and family conflicts. It is important to note that as the workers grow older their attitudes toward work and perception changes. Their job satisfaction also tends to change as their age grows. A good manager should be one that is able to identify these changes in their workers prior enough before they lead to a negative effect on the production processes of the organization. Organizational behavior management ensures that workers have safe environment to operate and their rights are not violated by the supervisors. These concepts are explained below (Antes & Mumford 2012). It is important to note that leaders play a very vital role in the modeling and ensuring effectiveness of all the activities in the organization.

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