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Homework answers / question archive / I need to submit my application to Pharmacy School, please help me edit my grammar for my personal statement and please change, edit, add, or remove my sentences into perfect ones

I need to submit my application to Pharmacy School, please help me edit my grammar for my personal statement and please change, edit, add, or remove my sentences into perfect ones

Health Science

I need to submit my application to Pharmacy School, please help me edit my grammar for my personal statement and please change, edit, add, or remove my sentences into perfect ones.

Your Personal Essay should address why you selected pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. The personal essay is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas. (limit 5000 characters).

I lived with my great grandmother and grandmother in Vietnam when I was young. At an age of ten, a big incident occurred in my life when my great grandmother passed away because of gastric ulcer, a disease I thought that it was easy to treat. I was very young to know what medicines she should take. Vietnamese people often relied on traditional treatments from garlic to honey. I felt heartbreaking for my helplessness. Five year later, my grandmother was also diagnosed gastric ulcer. I was scared that she would leave me alone like my great grandma did. However, at that time, my uncle came to visit us from the United States. He is a licensed pharmacist. He brought quality medicines and guided my grandma how to use. After two years, she was healed. At that time, I understood that medication was an act of service, with aligned with my values, and my dream of becoming a pharmacist took root. Spending two years taking care of my grandma, following my uncle’s advice of how to give the right medication and the right dosage for my grandma, I have discovered myself the ability of attention in detail, patience, and a passion to help others remain with me forever.

At the age of 22, my family and I migrated to America where I believe I could continue to pursue my dream. The language barrier made my communication become difficult, but I developed interpersonal skill and improved my English through my American friends’ help. My first year in college, I began to collect information from pharmacy students and some pharmacists about their profession. My uncle was also a good resource to harness. 

As a student of BioHealth of Science at OSU, I have learned about human health and life on many interesting levels. I have a chance to practice with cadaver in my anatomy and physiology classes, which I never did before. If biology, immunology, or biochemistry classes helped me to learn basic about the body systems and their functions, anatomy and physiology classes gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience real work, which put me in the general world of medication. I am looking forward to becoming a part of the professional program and starting to learn more in detail about different levels of medications and their interactions with each system in the human body. Gaining new knowledge through my education and applying what I have learned is the most important thing that I am looking for. Being a pharmacist is a way to allow me to connect those things together into my career, while gaining more knowledge as development of technology is enhanced everyday. 

Spending two years took care of my grandmother at an age of 10 was a memorable experience to me and contributed to build up my professional background. I understood that patients also looked like customers in which there were no two customers alike. During the time of treatment, my grandma’s personality was also affected. Dealing with that situation helped me develop the ability of calmness and patience to handle multiple emotions, and I am prepared enough mentally and physically to handle multi-stimulus.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, which causes many deaths and heartbreaks for many families, it encourages me to do something for people. As a senior year at Oregon State University, I have learned about anatomy and physiology of  human body. Analyzing the respiratory system, I noticed that nose and mouth are primary ways that viruses can enter into the lungs because the airway starts at our nose and mouth. Therefore, in order to mitigate the outbreak, I designed and made three-layer facemasks by myself and gave them to people who needed with a hope to reduce partly the spread and ease their panic during this time. I will never forget the joy that I brought to them when they received my facemasks. A feeling of happiness when interacting with people and help them what they need, derived from the loves and empathy, gave me a strong passion to pursue and achieve my goals.

Immediate and long term goals.

By achieving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, my immediate goal will be to serve local community. I will be the light to enlighten my patents and help them to avoid receiving wrong medicines.

No one size fits all solutions. Traditional treatments may be good for some simple situations, but in other aspects, we need a wide knowledge to avoid unfortunate things that might occur. Thus, in the next five years after my degree, I hope to travel to many stores around the states and outside of America to help other patients choose the right medication. I want to stop this mistake as much as possible, and continue to my degree in a Doctor of Pharmacy is a strong way to achieve my goal.

I came to America as a new chapter in my life where I can continue to pursue my dream although many obstacles are ahead. Spending years in BioHealth of Science major at Oregon State University with my second language helped me become stronger and more patient in the field that I love. My educational background at OSU will be a precious preparation for me to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I believe that there is no discrimination in this country. Although my English is still in learning process, it will not stop me to reach my goals, and if you give me a chance, I will appreciate and continue to draw my dream and turn it into the best picture in the future where I can help my community and others that remain with me forever.

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