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Homework answers / question archive / A Purchasers Job Duties and ResponsibilitiesGuidelines and requirements: 1

A Purchasers Job Duties and ResponsibilitiesGuidelines and requirements: 1


A Purchasers Job Duties and ResponsibilitiesGuidelines and requirements:

1.For each task identify if it is primarily a task requiring a technical skill, interpersonal skill, conceptual skill or other. If other is selected, you must identify what the "other" skill might be and be able to provide appropriate comment to support your response.

2. For each task briefly justify your selection.


1.      It's easy to say that all of the tasks listed can be classified as "other", however, that is not always appropriate or the intention of this assignment. The primary skill required or utilized to accomplish most of the task listed can be clearly identified. 

2.      There are only a few tasks listed that might fall into an "Other" category because it consists of 2 different skills (eg. Technical and Conceptual), and if that is true, then list both skills, and justify your response. Which is the primary skill (PS) and which is the secondary (supporting) skill (SS)

3.      Every task listed is not a 2-skills task, therefore student should carefully think which is the most appropriate skill required for each task.   


1. Identifies potential vendors, selects vendors; negotiates prices and contract prices

2. Coordinates the purchase of products, services, equipment and supplies.

3. Communicates with vendors to obtain product or service information including price, availability, and delivery schedules.

4. Selects products for purchase after testing, observing or tasting, and examining items.

5. Determines purchase method such as direct purchase or bid.

6. Prepares purchase orders or bid requests.

7. Reviews vendor's price proposals and negotiates contracts within scope of authority.

8. Approves invoices for payment.

9. Expedites delivery of product to users.

10. Evaluates and recommends improvements in overall purchasing procedures.

11. Keeps current with vendors to forecast costs and availability of required products.

12. Monitor changes affecting supply and demand, tracking market conditions, price trends, or future markets, and stays informed about new product developments.

13. Develops and monitors purchasing department's budget.

14. Manages purchasing files, policies and procedures, systems, best practices, and goals for purchasing department.

15. Write, review, and revises product specifications.

16. Maintains vendor handbook and vendor information.

17. Establishes and maintains proper vendor relationships.

18. supervises and trains purchasing department staff.

19. Conducts physical inventory as needed.

20. Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations.

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