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Homework answers / question archive / Write 18 pages thesis on the topic traditional cyprus house design

Write 18 pages thesis on the topic traditional cyprus house design


Write 18 pages thesis on the topic traditional cyprus house design. Situated for the preservation of traditional housing because of the special conditions that characterize these areas. most rural areas are demographically static, economically less dynamic, and prone to fewer transformations than urban areas. This is why many traditional dwellings have survived in these areas for hundreds of years although some have been reduced to ruins. This study aims to carry out material analysis by comparing the suitability of stone and adobe material with that of modern material in the restoration of an old traditional house in rural Northern Cyprus. The study also discusses the main factors that influence the design of houses in the area and determine the choice of material.

Shelter simply refers to space or structure where humans and their animals can be able to shelter from adverse elements of weather. Human beings have depended on different types of shelter since time immemorial. Much earlier, ancient humans sheltered in caves and forests to take refuge from the hot sun, cold, winds, rain and other weather elements that could be harmful to health and well being. With time, human beings started innovating and coming up with different types of shelter that could give optimum protection from the same elements. With time humans started constructing houses, shades, and other types of shelter as part of human dwellings. Now human beings build much more advanced and complicated shelters because of the availability of a greater variety of material as well as in response to different natural and socio-economic conditions. It can be noted that traditionally humans have also built shelters to meet their needs but also using the available material and existing techniques. Considerations of many factors have also gone into shelter design over the years with things such as climate and weather elements, socio-cultural interactions, and economic activities being taken into considerations. Many different materials have been innovated.

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