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Homework answers / question archive / submit a 500 words paper on the topic Summer Trip in Florida

submit a 500 words paper on the topic Summer Trip in Florida


submit a 500 words paper on the topic Summer Trip in Florida. There are several options for enjoying oneself while on a summer vacation in Florida. To start with, one may plan to do water-based activities such as kayaking down a river or even around the barrier islands, swimming with Dolphins, Sea Turtles as well as swimming with Manatees. In addition to these, one would get an opportunity to do fishing either in the deep sea or top bass fishing. Diving is also found in Florida especially in Miami Beach's Underwater Wrecks among other renowned beaches. One may also get a chance to do canoeing in Florida especially in places like Florida Marinas, Dockside Dining where one would ride a canoe across Econlockhatchee River. There are also very luxury cruises found in Florida and still spice up one's trip. There are varieties of cruises that range from casino, dinner and themed cruises.

Secondly, one may also have the option of seeing some wildlife and watching birds of the air as they sing their melodious songs. Despite the fact that there are not so many birds in the summer season, one may watch out for them with their infantile plumage only viewable during the summer seasons. Wildlife viewing is also an exciting thing to do while on a trip. It is worth noting that this is done around sunrise and sunset and becomes safer with the help of a game ranger. Thirdly, while on a summer trip to Florida, one may get involved with a number of sporting activities such as horseback riding, race tracks, and gaming, and polo. Other than these, there are so many golf clubs found in Florida, naming but a few. Miami golf, Fort Lauderdale Golf, Boca Raton Golf, and World Golf village among others. Other attraction sites that would perhaps make one's summer trip in Florida include museums as well as science and cultural centers which clearly brings out Florida as an art and historical state. These are just but a few of what one should expect when anticipating a summer trip in Florida.

However, intense heat, humidity, insects as well as hurricanes are common downsides to otherwise exciting state. Generally, summers are usually hot and humid in Florida. Therefore, be warned that as one makes the trip, insects will be your frequent visitors, so carry with you a strong insect repellent to keep them off.

In conclusion, making a summer trip to Florida is such an exciting moment. One has a variety of sceneries to see, get involved in a number of co-curricular activities such as swimming, hiking, camping, racing among others. However, the weather during this period is usually characterized by a lot of heat and humidity.

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