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Reply to discussion (250-275 words) APA format, scholarly sources


Reply to discussion (250-275 words) APA format, scholarly sources.

Bases on readings and research on existing literature, it is evident that the American health care system is in need of reforms. The United States health laws have failed in protecting citizens from poor healthcare and insufficient healthcare facilities. Majority of Americans are unable to afford quality healthcare due to the systemic incompetence and stringent laws that make it difficult for the less privileged Americans to afford healthcare.

Although several reforms have been introduced in the healthcare system in the past few decades, America is still a long way from achieving universal healthcare. Policies such as the Affordable healthcare act introduced during the Obama administration helped in bridging the gap in healthcare access. These policies however have limitations. For instance, the affordable care act fails to address issues such as mental health, which affects millions of Americans (Fiscella, 2011). The act also fails to address the financial gap between private insurance holders and Medicare users. The financial disparity means that the less financially abled cannot access some basic medical services such as counseling and therapy.

Some of the necessary healthcare reforms include ensuring equality in access to healthcare. African American communities, Hispanics, and other minority groups have endured years of poor healthcare services due to systemic malpractices that promote inequality. The health laws need reforms that will ensure that primary caregivers have the support of the government. The government should provide primary caregivers with enough pay and equip the hospitals with protective gear to ensure their safety. The healthcare laws need to address the enhancement of healthcare technology as the world moves on to digital solutions. Technological advancement in healthcare can help in automating processes such as testing and diagnosis as well as carrying out surgeries. This will help to eliminate human errors.


Fiscella K. (2011). Health care reform and equity: promise, pitfalls, and prescriptions.Annals of family medicine,9(1), 78–84.

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