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Homework answers / question archive / Upload your preparatory outline for Speech 1 here

Upload your preparatory outline for Speech 1 here


Upload your preparatory outline for Speech 1 here. See the template for preparatory outlinesActions& be sure to write in complete sentences for every point. References are not required for this outlin

Title: My Example Outline for COMM212

Name: Steven Waldorf

Topic: Proper Outlining

Purpose Statement: I will construct a preparatory outline to assist students in understanding what is exactly entailed for an outline.

Introduction: In the rest of this outline, I will demonstrate what bullet points I require in your outlines.

Attention-Getter: HEY! This is where I would write my attention-getter! An attention

getter is the first thing you say or do in your speech!

Thesis Statement: If I were speaking, I would demonstrate the purpose of my speech

here. This is similar to the above Purpose Statement, but the purpose statement is directed to me (the professor) whereas your Thesis Statement is directed to your audience.

Preview Main Points: I will be covering the 3-body point structure.

Transition 1: First, let’s focus on the body of an outline.

Body 1: This portion will address how to structure body points in your outline.

Subpoint: Specifically, I will address the issue of subpoints and details.

Detail: Every point you make in your speech will contain subpoints and details. If you can cover your point without addressing its subpoints or details, the body point is too shallow.

Subpoint: Here, I will show that you don’t need to WRITE a detail for every subpoint in your outlines.

Transition 2: I have addressed a body point that has greater details articulated within, now we will move to body points that do not.

Body 2: In writing an outline, various body points will be stronger than others. In my writing, this body point is weaker than the first as it has no subpoints nor details.

Transition 3: Furthermore, we will cover body points that have subpoints but no details.

Body 3: You can structure your body points however you like when you’re giving your speech. You must follow different rules when making an outline.

Subpoint: In an outline, I will only require that you have a subpoint or detail at least

once. It will benefit you far better to write more fully in your outline so that you can test if your speech will be strong enough to present.

Transitional 4: As I have written, this is how you must structure your outline.

Conclusion: In a conclusion, you wrap up everything you have mentioned. I will be referential to my thesis statement and my body points. The purpose for doing this is so you bookend your speech – this removes any confusion and makes your speech remembered better than it was.


Here will goes all your sources. All sources must be actually cited, if you drop a hyperlink as a reference or don’t cite your sources, you get a 0%. Cite sources in APA 7, templates are available online. In APA 7, all sources must be alphabetized by the first author’s last name.

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