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Homework answers / question archive / The purpose of this assessment is for students to use their analytical skills to apply concepts, and theories from MGMT501 weeks 1-6 to a case study

The purpose of this assessment is for students to use their analytical skills to apply concepts, and theories from MGMT501 weeks 1-6 to a case study


The purpose of this assessment is for students to use their analytical skills to apply concepts, and theories from MGMT501 weeks 1-6 to a case study. Students should imagine that they are advising one of the businesses from the Undercover Boss paragraph below:


America is struggling to shake off the recession public distrust of wealthyCEOs remains high but more and more bosses are looking for radical ways toreconnect with their workforce in order to find out what's really going on in their companieseach week we follow the boss of a major corporation as they go undercover in their own companythis week the president and CEO of Frontier Airlines one of America's topair carriers poses as an out-of-work welder looking for a new line of work my name is Richard Jacobs I'm here toTrain was who this morning the boss will trade in his privatebathroom for our clogged airplane lavatory you do not want to get dumped by this onethat's nasty I'm comment while working on the frontline he'll get an insider's look at his own company the big airlines to pay more I'm barely making ends meetand he'll discover the unsung heroes that make his business run you would have seen all these guys how they workyou'd be so proud a target of osha hollows co-workers react when they findout he's really the boss and how will it change their lives I do feel like I'm gonna be a better CEO for the experiencethat I had this past week find out next on Undercover Bosswith its main hub at Denver Colorado Frontier Airlines offers more than 650flights a day across the US and Central America hey John we are doing a courtesypre-board at this time at the head of this 1.6 billion dollar business is one man I'm Brian Bedford and I'm the CEO ofFrontier Airlines hey how we doing good good probably bythe time I was early 30s I had worked in some executive capacity for seven different airlines we need to make surethat we deliver the brand and have fun doing it and then in 1999 I took a job as CEO of Republic Republic acquiredMidwest Airlines and then shortly thereafter Republic acquired Frontier Airlines after filed for bankruptcyafter extensive research the three Airlines will now be known as frontierthere is a possibility of layoffs with this sale but frontier management says the jobs of most employees will bepreserved mergers are hard the emerging to businesses is stressful on employees we did three rows one through four youmay now board we're hearing a lot of why do we have different pay scales why do we have different seniority lists andwhy do we have different policies and procedures well it is overwhelming and Frontier Airlines asked all of itsemployees to take a 10% pay cut and it's tough but the fact is we've got 6,000people who are working that had we not done what we did would not be working today this is the perfect time to goundercover and really hear firsthand what our employees are thinking what they're feelingmy family is extremely important to mewe've got eight beautiful children we sort of thought a family between fourand six was right for us and so like most Americans we took this you know contraception and de Neve any more kidsand then we had this sort of spiritual awakening go sit down guys and we decided if we were going toreally trust and God's providence we needed to trust all the way that includes our virile life and the size ofher family so who knows what God's plan is for us name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit amenthe most important thing Brian is his faith and he puts God first in his life and everything else falls into placefrom there we're all those souls who have passed send their souls to heaven we pray our family growing up had crisishad a five-year-old sister who was killed in a traffic accidentit was very impactful that was six years old when that happened I remember theday that Teresa died I remember the sounds smells we'll never forget it thatwas probably the first time in my life I really started to pray Christ our Lordokay we're going undercover what do we thank you here what do you think they'llrecognize me hi Bella is this your daddy okay guys bye-bye I'mreally excited for him if this can help the company in any way I think that's really greatI want to go undercover because we're going through this merger and my goal is to succeed as an airline against the bigguys while I'm undercover I'll be posing is Richard Jacobs an unemployed Walterwho's looking to get a new start my coworkers be told that I'm participating in a reality show where I'll be one oftwo candidates competing for a job opening at frontier airlineslisten of my spirit man offering mylabor of teeth on it well I got this thing on rightin my job I travel a lot and nothing bugs me more than when I get on a dirtyairplane they don't care enough to clean the plane makes me wonder what else isn't going on you know is the planesafe so I'm very excited about being able to go undercover weather aircraft appearance team today at our largest hubhere in Denver Colorado how may I help you my name is Richard Jacobs I'm hereto train with soo this morning oh hi Richard I'm sue are you sue yes I am oh it's nice to meet you you still comearound here please thank you okay here's your your form needs with this on and we're gonna get busy real fans at 165arriving flights each day I'm very curious to see if we have enough time and enough people and tools andresources in order to clean these aircraft in a way that would make me feel good as a customer to fly on ourairline you ready to start today I'm ready to get going come onI say friendship we have to be here when the aircraft get here only how 7 minutes to get this plane out there so so whathappens if they come in late they give us five we have no time for mistakesguys get the labs done the seats done all the trash out of your pocket and off the floor and back so let me show youreal fast take the paper title figure there you go big up there real fast glad you like thestraight down somebody look like they spit in this one I'm gonna show you how to do seats real fastwe got five minutes left okay come on put that right there come on all you do is cross this defenseSafety card in the front you do that bad I do this a hurry guys we got anotherplay today I just found somebody was actually living in this chair herecome on return it back here hurry Richard hey go hurry real fast real fastcome on I gotta get under the seat here that's good that's lucky okay okay go put it and I get the trashit's a train it just take too long to clean the toilet hurry hurry he's kind of slow what he's trying there you gohurry look at me but we're coming upwe got less than seven minutes on this one I'm going it's been a long timesince I've had anybody yell at me the way sushi all that oh I thought we were doing one row aside maybe I'm just toodetailed worried anyone see it Richard okay get it in Richard get it in hurry Richard different hotness oh yeah hurrycome on dick I was surprised that you only have seven minutes to clean each plane cuz frankly I'm not sure that'senough time to really clean thoroughlyoh I got a vomit cleanup wait a bomb and cleanup at 24I'll do it in the back someone got alittle sick what see 2222 just in the aisle where uhyou can smell it I'll just give this a wipe you know how to do that baby let me show yousomething Richard let me have this sure no not the ring it's good andeverybody please close their eyes and their mouth please I think if you're an aircraft appearanceperson being sick on the plane that's your worst nightmare okay thank youthe lunch did we yeahI'm trying her you say god is good god is love blessed to cook Lord blessed aircraft repair some hope we keep ourjob same and resemblance hmm so young familyto get my daughter my son know that my daughter is 29 and Ilost my son he was murdered at 21 oh I'm sorry I moved to Colorado cuz I thought it wassafe Hey Jude I was born in Chicago I could've stayed in Chicago I could have protectedbetter than I did here can't blame yourself for that I'm the mother club I supposed to take care of my childam i correct or not damn I don't wonder if you get a child up to 21 years old you've done your jobyou know like I've wanted a long time ago bad things happen to good people you know but you just got to believe inGod trust in his plan and things always team seemed to work out all right yeahas who hasn't had the easiest life yet she comes to work with a great attitude and has an infectious attitude that sheshares with others you got how many grandbabies what just want let me get that one that's her she looks like meshe's pretty well but Richard I lunches Oh with we got to get back to work are you ready to get on really gotta comeearth what really impressed me about Sue was she was a great leader she really kept her team motivated she was alwayslaughing always very enthusiastic but I was taken back by just how little time they have to actually do the work Ithink we can do better you know and I'm gonna have to go back and figure out how we do better is it a function of timetools or more people coming up the boss has trouble gettingoff the ground puncher time is actually eight minutes ago and later this is where everything comes out of the humanwaste the boss really gets his hands dirty Brian Bedford president and CEO ofFrontier Airlines is a boss undercover his employees think he's part of a television show where two people arecompeting for one open position within a company his journey continues in Oklahoma CityI'm here today at the Will Rogers World Airport which is one of the smaller airports in the frontier network in acity that only has four or five flights a day it's very important that all of our employees understand how to do eachof the different jobs and we call those employees cross utilization agents I'm here to meet with Valerie ValerieValerie nice to meet you nice to meet you too you just sit back there and changeup in there and we'll be on ourway I've actually never been to Oklahoma City before so I'm very excited to train as a cross utilization agent to see ifit's really the most efficient way to run our business we don't have too much time up here but we have to head down to the round so I just 15 minutes out solet's go so we cost you two lies we worked a ticket counter round today so what we'll do is we'll go downstairs and get readyfor that flight coming in we want to marshal the plane it okay so you just add like me and we'll marshal itand then we'll go on from there and help unload the plane and get rags on the next part and we've got 25 minutes wowthat's a lot of work to do in 25 minutes here's the fine this whole cross-trained job literally covers just abouteverything that goes on at the stationokay am I ready to do it I don't know hahaso when they're coming in there anything other than this part here yeah there isI really wanted to marshal the plane in by myself today but I think Valerie realized that I wasn't ready Oh like nostop so she let me stand behind hersure that they can seewhen we do this part here they were fallacious you got itin any particular way you put these in we dolots of bags it's very physical I made the bags weigh a lot and there are a lotof them now we get the bags on the next paint and thenif we count that bags wrong it could be a major disaster at all doing in the weight and balance of the plane are youstill counting the bag Oh malory asked me how many bags I put onof course I was like huhthere's no way we could make a mistake if anything should happen that person that's counting that bag will be chargedwith how many lives were on that plane this is 17got to be a pretty good shape for this you could tell that he was kind of feeling that heat but if I can handle that he can handle itwe can go you say so you're the bossextremely hot out here but it was also just physically demanding it's easy totake hard work for granted that people will just do it it's another thing to get out of the office and experience itside by side well rolling something up seems like it's not terribly difficult but there's a way to mess it up I'm sureI'll do it that's it so we'll go upstairs now see there's any gate check okay I don't feel exactly like I smell like arose right now after working on the rampyou work up a pretty good sweat and then you come back inside and you don't really feel like you're at the top of your game when you're gonna go I standin front of customers now what's going to check them in do you have any bags to trick answer I'm self-conscious aboutsweating a lot and perhaps not smelling particularly good spent two weeks here in your hottest weather I think that'snot the professional image that we want to put forth to our customers so there's clearly a downside to thiscross-training concept so that's something I need to look into thank youunaccompanied minor fee so let's go in the back and take a break okayso are you originally from Oklahoma City I moved from Hawaii and being a single mother it was kind of hard to start offyou know there was a time when I first moved here that my kids were having eight sandwiches almost every day andyou know you sit there and you just cry and like okay how am I gonna do this you know Wowbut then when I for me I get into the word and I read the word and I know that my strength coming from the Lord so yourfaith really helps you through these tough times he has he he's been there with me all the time youknow and I mean I always said you know when you're down like in the bottom of the barrel and then the Lord just kindof make a way for you that I would do the same and that's the reason why I went to full-time ministry to take careof the needy to help the homeless and that's really neat like every other Saturday when I'm off or when I can andtaking clothes taking food and even if it's a t-shirt or uh it sounds kind ofcrazy because I'm happy is fine has been out on the streets and have you know itdoesn't sound crazy at all I really enjoyed working with Valerie today and not just because she was a greatemployee and but she's a woman of tremendous faith it wasn't for him I could nothave done what I've done a woman who's endured significant hardships and challenges in her life and yet her wholefocus continues to be on giving to others she was just truly an inspirationalhuman being that's an amazing witness thank you so much for sharing that with me you're welcomeI'm at a really cool lady today Valerie a shared uh just an awesome faithwitness with me here is a woman who has gone through lots of personal sacrificeand struggle and yet she's just so joyful and her desire to give to othersand that comes from a strong faith maybe a little reading before bed to really understand how faith became soimpactful to me you really have to go back and my sisters passing and I think when we get challenged with crisis inour life there are two ways we can go we can turn away from God blame God or ifwe can turn to God strengthen me help me get me through this well where will youlead me tonight ora Frontier Airlines we pride ourselves on being a whole different animal and what that means is providing a betterand different flying experience for our customers simply put we want to be the airline for people who hate Airlines today I'm goingundercover as the Frontier Airlines flight attendant are you doing good Richard Richard nice to meet you my name is tui and before we get started we'regonna have you put on a uniform I'm very excited to go undercover today and experience firsthand whether we'redelivering that better and different flying experience for our customers so we're gonna head to the gay side right yeah you know gonna be like do it youknow they were waiting for us so so where are we going today well we're gonna go to San Diego San Diego tellafraid yes hey guys how you doing thank you thank you the flight attendantposition is critical not just for the safety and security of our customers but also in order to keep the airlinerunning on time if one plane departs wait this could cause other flights to be delayed over the course of the day you're gonna be helping the passengerswith their bags you're gonna greet them let's get the passengers on first get on time that's what we're looking forokay okay hi so Richard Richard let's go ahead andstain it all and they just help them Oh what you looking for oh you are so close let me carry getthat for you you look like you got your hands full did you have a good flight out to Denver well great how are you how we doingBroncos all right are we gonna have a good team this year Richard is slowing me down these twofocus talking to passengers San Diego's not bad we have to speed up the process so we can get out of thereRichard I'm talking is okay just hustle it the punch of time is actually eight minutes ago too much yeah we got ahustle yeah please take your seats sorry we're running a little late all right guys we really gotta hustle we've gotta play Goins ma'am what roleare you in 15 you take our seats guys I felt frustrated that I wasn't keeping upthe pace we got to get this plane outplease take your seats sorry we're running a little late all right guys we really got a hustler we got to get a bike going just down apologize for theminor delay here looks like we're getting ready to light the candle hereall right okay let's do the safety demo okay um just listen to whatever she saysgood luck in order to perform the safety briefing our flight attendants received special training however I did get achance to practice alongside to it thank you for choosing frontier our aircraft is equipped with six emergency exitsthere are two door exit from the front and two door exits in the rear of the cabin the safety presentation you reallydon't have that much to remember should there be a loss of cabin crew shout toautomatically drunk apartment emergency so you think an idiot like me could get that right but I felt like it was alittle discombobulated please suggest you allow for assisting a child rightmisstep heartokay so we're gonna work the car you're gonna be in charge of the liquor so goeasy check if your hair is okay no boogers and everything's okay am Isupposed to look it well just make sure ringer oh here's meexcuse me sir car coming through elbows knees elbows kneesgive them the napkin first give them the napkin first and in the drink and then the smile sir can I offer you somethingto drink bottle of scotch sorry loudly yes and Iapologize cranberry juice with ice little bit richerpeople person so you know so he's talking all the time do you do you do fist bumpyeah it's a good thing but it is also a bad thing I don't know old still lookgood to me we're on the time here we're China this going before we landsvery much we'll be landing shortly hi ladies and gentlemen now we got to turn off the lights with our magic powers sohe has a lot of fun with the customers he does tricks and things so - he's doing a great jobladies and gentlemen we appreciate your assistance in preparing the cabin for landing please be sure that your seatbelt is securely fastened we'll be landing shortly thank you very muchone of the things I wanted to learn today was whether or not our flight attendants understood the frontier brand promise it was a good day yes it wasjoyed the flight oh yeah so I was reading the side of the plane and I see this a whole different animal and I knowyou there's animals on the tails but what is that whole different animal mean we do it way different from other flightattendants and we have great crews you know we get a lot of compliments from passengers that flown our competitorsand they say oh I haven't heard frontier before demand you guys are so nice you know even if they're just coming in andthey're having a bad anniversary say no we're gonna we're gonna make it right come on you spend all that money I wantto accommodate you what can I do to help you enjoy your flight in talking to - hereally got it I mean he really understands that better and different is how we're gonna succeed as an airline against the big guys so how do you gethow do you do your schedules how does that work I work almost six days a week here yes here frontier I'm still barelymaking ends meet by DJ on the side and also I do luau on the sides no kiddingmy son which is in college so I have seven at home but one in college but Istill you know put some money in his bank account just whatever he means I said if you don't go to college you'regonna be hustling like Daddy mommy's doing two jobs and you know it's a bigsacrifice it's a sacrifice but you know what um it's our responsibility and theycome first as a father of eight children I couldcertainly relate to who he represents that character of self-sacrifice and and really wanting to make sure that he'sworking hard to lift his kids up to a better life I don't know what you get paid but I imagine that the big airlinesmust pay a lot more the big airlines do pay more and you feel like you're being treated fairly you know uh if I'mspeaking honestly um you should okay well I think we're not asking a wholelot we're not asking for a raise we just asked for what we've been cut off Mike thinks I didthey took 10% away we just want the 10% back who took it away ah the company just a lot of cutbacks and we understandspeaking everybody here at Frontier Airlines we just want fairness to it'sshared a lot with me about his perceptions of the merger I mean he was pretty vocal about wanting to get therethe pay cuts they took in bankruptcy restored so that was a little bit of a hard feedbackon a typical summer day 32,000 passengers coming through FrontierAirlines Denver ha now those flights have to be service and service doesn't just mean removingbottle and pop cans service ultimates cleaning out the aircraft lavatories excuse me you Hectoryeah I'd like to meet you I'm Richard thank you training with me today yes I'm trying to get a job first there I get tohis changed uniform okay our last truck drivers removed about 1,400 gallons ofwaste over the course of a typical day so I'm really looking forward to going undercover to see how efficiently we'redoing the job in order to keep the airline moving on time he looks prettygood thanks our job is laboratory service to go out there we drained the lab and clutch the whole system down andput fresh blue juice into smoke April fresh upstairs to the flight attendants like that - oh yeah they call you backwhat you turns if you don't do it right so we want to get done right the first time not the second time okay let's get arocky road so how many five today there's frontier a bout of here and about 100 sub planes and you're talkingthat's the cuckoo cuckooyou catch your blue shoes holes blues just holes open close very important youhear that click when you put it up there cuz if you don't put it on right it'll pop off and you're gonna get sprayed with Anna's Japanese yes Oh same thingwith a dump though dump valve is open closed you do not want to get dumped by this one Safety's number one I don'tknow if he has a tetanus shot I do so I'm saying this is where everything comes out of the human race often doesend and you can see what I'm talking about is power your dogno touch the lover are you taking off the first thing youdo taking off is the blue handle goes back up its adults are going to keep on tripping down it's a $10,000 fine andthey or the city catches you you're never quite sure what's going to happen when you open up the panel and startpulling some of those valves when you're like this you want to bevery careful you don't get dumped backhey sorry Vulcan I was very nervous about my first lab dumpput that lover if you do the job in the wrong order orif you rush the consequences are pretty severeholes could pop off I used to keep an eye on ityou guys always turns up they don't think of what they're doingthat's why I stayed back for five feetoh girl you get the wood that's nastyit's an entertaining job at some points if you're an entry-level person I meanhow's the pay and benefits work I mean me I make more money by working next to always that a big burden on your familyto have to pick up extra day they don't like when I wait a lot of folks pick up water yeah a lotof people pick a scissor like crazy we took baked goods at everything to save the company if you would have seen these people manyou would have seen all these guys how they work you feel so proudhey you talking about you oh yeah you know it gets painted it's a familyyeah a bunch of hard-working guys out here they've bent over backwards for this you know for this airlinethey did everything they could and they did it they stayed you hope they look down they show theappreciation by giving them something bad which I wish they would just show a little appreciation show you hey lookwhat you've done for us thank you is the great word come on you got families to feed and the colony guyseverything going you need a little bit more you knowit is thought-provoking to think how many people are on the edge out there and that's a real problem in thiscountry today and you can read it in the paper you can read about 14 million unemployed Americans but it's differentwhen you're sitting across the table from somebody who is living with that and yet you know what they want inreturn from their companies and all that much tomorrow I get to return to my job there's the CEO of Frontier Airlinesthink about the eleven thousand people that are counting on us to make thisbusiness work it makes you want to work just as hard as they are to to make sure that their sacrifices and theirenthusiasm is rewarded coming up Briansummons his employees to company headquarters I'm not confused at all about what I want to say about the evaluation for Richard how will theyreact when he reveals his true identity I'm actually Brian Bedford the CEO of frontierafter a week undercover my journey has finally come to an end I think what surprised me most is the love that theemployees have for this company it's unbelievable and quite frankly it was unexpected but really made an impact onme I really want to share my undercover experience with my senior management team so that we can all benefit fromwhat I've learned hello good to be back believe me I'll tell you I don't know where tobegin for many different perspectives or everyone's doing okay but we've got alot of work to do too so I got an opportunity to be an aircraft my parentsperson work with this gal by the name of sue the Daniel you schedule the airplane so you know they're here for 45 minutesso there's really a very short window of time and while I think they're doing the best job they can't got to tell you Idon't feel like we're delivering the product the way we should so that's something I'd like to see us work oncross utilization agent anybody heard that term before happened a lot aboutand Aloha wing yeah but I could sort of understand if it was above the wing one day and below the wing the nextat 115 degrees on the ramp on Oklahoma City you know after growing bags on the airplane to then want to go upstairs andsit in front of your customer can she do it sure but did she feel she was really presenting the affront to your brand nois that something you can come back with some suggestions and absolutely we'vegot a lot of a lot of good employees out there and it's just amazing how many people we have that are the primary wageearner you know so that 10 percent pay cut just keeps you know resonating all the way through how impactful that musthave been for our employees narrow struggling you know and I think we as a senior management team we should want toget out there and help our co-workers who are in Greater Nate I mean that may that was probably the most impactful anexperience that I had with others past week so I really like to see us go out there and walk the talk now kind ofcounting on you you killed us okay great thank youall of the employees I've worked with this week have been called to headquarters - supposedly vote for one of the twoguys competing for the same job I have no idea why they're really here I'm notconfused at all about what I want to say about the evaluation for Richard it's weird to us you keep the wrong one thenyou have a guy out there with no money to feed his family if it came to a choice hire boffohey good afternoon yeah do you know who I am does this helpwhere's your real day I'm actually Brian Bedford the CEO Frontier Airlines oh look you tricked mehold me down yeah what is yeah Valerieit was just great meeting you and to see what you do every day but the thing that really really impacted me just thehardships that you've endured I mean it's just it's an amazing story for a single woman to have to be so strong andyet you still find the need to give back to others Valerie what I'd like to do isgive $10,000 to you to donate to the charity of your choice to Bailey reallyyeah for your charity Oh so cuz I think you can do some really awesome orbit upyou wanted long streets and I will be on the streets with you will we will serve together that's awesome I used to dreamI'll go I will do this and we'll do that but the photos out there with this $10,000 we can just you know bless otherpeople I do even better gold always always will I always will be leavingmiracle Hector you got a tough job man you know so at that bad yeah maybe itsounds worse than it is no it sounds like what it is but I you know whatyou're a great trainer like I was if you go in there with a great attitude no matter what you do you make it wonderfulthey happen I thought it was a great philosophy but I like to figure out a way to leverage your enthusiasm and yourpassion for our airline and your courage to stand up for your co-workers and create a forum where perhaps maybe youcan go in and talk to our new higher classes you know where you can you know tell them you know what you do and howyou do it anything for a fellow workers and employee yeah little by as I doing itfor these guys I believe it I believe that you do and I saw it firsthand you know you pick up a lot of guys shifts and it seems like you work an awful lotI'm just curious when was the last time you and your wife had some vacation time and once in a while not much well I'dlike to pay to send you guys on a on a week-long vacation no and I'll pick up the tab for that so you pick someplacenice someplace you and your wife can get away and make sure frontier gives you the week off thank you that's beautiful yeahwell you appreciate that the last time I went on vacation it's about seven years maybe eight years ago it's very generousand coming from the heart is great it's great feeling sooo I really felt a connection with youI mean you you welcome to me into the airline you're very giving for me and forgivingif I never hear Richard hurry up Richard the advice I do any dope you know youyou shared some things that really touch me when you shared with me that you lost your son and I gotta tell you that thatreally hit me my parents lost a child I can only imagine the pain that you had to go through and I know I've beenthinking you know what can we do how can we help you and I know I don't there's nothing that we can do to make up for the loss no one can what I'd like to doI'd like to dedicate one of our aircraft to Andre Oh that'd be so sweet I'd like to dothat and I'd like you to pick your animal without plane so that you can have a part of him with you every day ohthat's us but the other thing you shared with me was a picture of your 19 year old granddaughter and the relationshipthat you want to have with her so what I'd like to do for you is send you on cruise with your granddaughter mygoodness you made my day you made my I think about ever do not like this for methat's my to see a tail on a plane that he told me to pick every time I see thatplane we said there go I drink there go on dre because we never get tosee what we see today this is a beautiful day today too we have all thepeople I talked to you're the one who just nailed the brand promise you're the one guy who could really articulate tome what it meant to be better and different and that's why I would like to create a new branding committee and I'dlike to make you the chairman of that committee and I think if we can harness that energy if somehow we can take thatinspiration you know you create will be an unstoppable force yes for sure another thing I would liketo do for you personally as a father of eight I know the struggle and we talked about your son is in college and booksin tuition are expensive I'd like to contribute $20,000 to help you get yourkids into college man because I think that's important so okaythank you because you're just awesome and I really enjoyed working with you and I want tokeep working like you I want to be part of your life and I wants to go to greater heights here man thank you man is she dead just soshocked my son's in college and it's so hard I'm just a little grateful toreceive that blessing from him I just want the best for my childrenladies and gentlemen the CEO of Frontier Airlines Brian Bedfordthank you very much I know each of you are expecting to get an update of our second quarter financial performance butI've actually asked you to come here today for an entirely different reason for the past week I've been working undercover at frontier airlines I reallywant to show just a couple of clips of some of the jobs I was privileged to do in some of the folks that I was privileged to work with so let's take a look okay just do the safety demo now aircraft is equipped with six emergency exitI felt like it was a little discombobulated with where I was supposed to be pointing come on reason they go hurry hurry he's gonna close but he's trying that's nasty when I started this undercover journey a week ago I took it as sort of a business assignment you know I had a mission butI have to tell you I got so much more out of this experience than what I expected going into it I know that our employees had to endure 10% pay cuts and I could see firsthand how the pay cuts were impacting people which is why everybody on the senior management team was uniformed that this is something that we need to do and it's the right time to do itI want to recover those wage cuts over the next three years and I gotta tell you it's not gonna stop here so I want to thank sue Hector andValerie and 2e thank you for educating me thank you for the gift that you've given me understand what it means to be a Frontier Airlines employee and God bless youI had the most amazing journey who certainly puts a face to all the decisions that I'll be forced to make now yeah touched me very deep it's a great feeling to have someone that cares to get the 10% back it means a big deal financially it means he cares about u she cares for this company he cares for our future and he also definitely cares for our family you can't not be changed by this experience I mean it'll be a part of the fabric of who I am as a person and certainly as an executive so no doubt in my mind I would be a better representative for our employees in all of our boardroom decisions stay tuned for scenes from our next episode



1)    Write a report that: 
a)    Identifies and describes the organisational culture of the business chosen 
b)    Analyses leadership approaches observed in the business
c)    Evaluates how managers or the organisation motivates and/or engages employees
d)    Analyses ONE issue, problem or conflict to be resolved in the business and identifies options for solution
e)    Identifies ONE significant strength of the business and applies theories to evaluate why it is a strength
2)    Make recommendations from your evaluations above and compare your recommendations with undercover boss's recommendation


Executive Summary
• Road map for the reader Introduction
• One to two paragraphs 
• Identify and describe the organisation's culture (I)
• Describe relevant theory(ies) and include in-text references (T)
• Justify and apply using examples from the video (A)
• Conclude with what does this mean for the business (C)
• One to two paragraphs 
• Identify leadership approaches observed in the business (by considering 
effective/ineffective practices that links to leadership) (I)
• Describe relevant theory(ies) and include in-text references (T)
• Justify and apply using examples from the video (A)
• Conclude with what does this mean for the business (C)
• One to two paragraphs 
• Identify how managers or the organisation motivates employees (by 
considering effective/ineffective practices that links to motivation) (I)
• Describe relevant theory(ies) and include in-text references (T)
• Justify and apply using examples from the video (A)
• Conclude with what does this mean for the business (C)
• One paragraph 
• Analyses ONE issue, problem or conflict to be resolved in the business, 
applies relevant theory and identifies options for solution
• One paragraph 
• Identify the strength
• Explain why this is strength
• Support your claims with theory(ies)/secondary research
• One to two paragraphs 
• Give recommendations based on the findings in the body of the report 
(Specific Relevant and Realistic)
• Compare your recommendations to the recommendations given in the UCB 
• This will be in a new page
• Eight or more credible and authoritative references in alphabetical order in 
APA 7th edition format. 
• Not part of word count

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