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Homework answers / question archive / Giving an example in each sentence 1)

Giving an example in each sentence 1)


Giving an example in each sentence

1).  What are 3 barriers parents might have to overcome to socialize their children?  Are single parent households less capable of socializing/parenting children than two-parent households?  Why might it be difficult to make sweeping conclusions about the effectiveness of 1 parent vs. 2 parent households?  


2).  Describe a current event in the news that deals with domestic violence/dating violence.  What is the current event or issue?  How is the issue talked about in the news article/media artifact?  How does the way the issue is talked about highlight any of the following theories—social learning, frustration-aggression, and social exchange? 


3). Which parenting "type" do you think is the best?  Do different parenting styles work in different situations? Why are some parenting styles associated with different social classes? What are 3 norms and/or values parents socialize? 

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