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CASE STUDY.Kelsea Foods Ltd is an international food manufacturer established in the UK in 1891. Their origins were in chocolate and confectionery, but they have expanded massively over the years and now manufacture soft drinks (including various brands of water), a huge range of ready-meals, cooking sauces, cereals, and pet foods. Kelsea Foods have always prided themselves in being the number one or two in all of the markets in which they operate, although their business objective is to be number one in every one. Six months ago, one of their competitors introduced a new range of healthy ready-meals and has taken the market by storm, pushing Kelsea into third position. The UK CEO is not impressed and is concerned that the Marketing Director and NPD Director (New Product Development) have become too complacent after many years of success without having to be too creative. The company used to run a successful graduate programme and several senior managers in the business were former graduate trainees. In 2008, when the recession bit badly and Kelsea Foods had to introduce a recruitment freeze, they withdrew from graduate recruitment activities in the middle of their campaign. The Graduate Recruitment team was made redundant and never replaced. Consequently, graduate recruitment was not re-introduced. There have been several middle and senior management positions recently that have had to be advertised externally due to lack of perceived talent within the business. Several of these have remained unfilled as the quality of applicants simply has not been coming through What opportunities are there for Kelsea Foods to nurture talent and how would these help them regain their market position? In answering this question, please ensure to mention on factors affecting resourcing and talent planning strategies 

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