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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses history of recording

Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses history of recording


Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses history of recording. Thus, the first popular breakthrough in the history of sound recording dates back to the invention made in 1857, by a French named Leon Scott, who first discovered the Phonoautograph2. This was a device meant to study the sound waves in their process of passing through the air and could not replay the sounds back. The other limitation associated with this device as invented by Leon Scott is that it lacked the sensitivity to the traces of sound with enough details, in addition to the recordings being too short, at approximately less than a second long3. These limitations led to another invention that came later in 1874, when another ancient scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, came up with a biomechanical Phonoautograph, which would apply the human ear system to record sound4. Nevertheless, this invention also had a similar limitation as to the one by Scott, since it could not playback the recorded sounds.

The problem of sound technology, therefore, shifted from that of recording sound to that of playing back the recorded sounds. This mystery was resolved amicably by Thomas Edison in 1877, where he developed the first device that became known as the phonograph, which could be recorded and then playback the recorded sounds at the same time5. Edison’s phonograph was the first to succeed in both recording and replaying sounds, and it consisted of thick tinfoil wrapped a cylinder on which sounds were recorded, which was then wrapped connected to a stylus that led to a diaphragm6. This device was first connected to the telephone which Thomas Edison had been working with, but later improvements led to the development of the phonograph such that it could record sounds directly from the air, as opposed to obtaining the sounds from the telephone. Therefore, the Edison tinfoil phonograph was the first of the sound recording devices to obtain a patent in 1878.

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