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Homework answers / question archive / Murphy a known methamphetamine (Meth) addict is in need of money to buy more Meth

Murphy a known methamphetamine (Meth) addict is in need of money to buy more Meth


Murphy a known methamphetamine (Meth) addict is in need of money to buy more Meth.  He has a gun and decides to rob the convenience store, close to his Cousin Ken's apartment.  Murphy visits his cousin Ken, whom lives two blocks away from the convenience store.  Murphy tells his cousin Ken, that he is going to rob the convenience store to buy Meth and requests their help.  Ken agrees to participate if Murphy will share the Meth with him and David, Ken's younger brother (16 years of age).  Murphy asks Ken to pick him up a block away from the store.  Murphy tells David to go with him to the store and be the lookout. Before leaving the apartment Murphy, Ken and David smoke some Meth to build their courage for the impending event Murphy and David leave together walking to the convenience. When both arrive at the convenience store David sees a no weapons on premises sign next to the entrance and motions Murphy to read the sign.  Murphy enters the store and David remains outside looking out for police cruisers and Ken parks his car one block from the convenience store as Murphy stated. Murphy walks towards the convenience store Clerk whom is standing behind the cash register.  Murphy takes out the handgun, with his right hand, from the waistband of his trousers; points it at the Clerk; and demands all of money, the clerk frantically yells, "Here! It's only five hundred dollars."  Murphy takes the cash.  At this moment the Clerk takes a gun from the cash register and without hesitation Murphy shoots the Clerk, the Clerk dies at the scene from the bullet wounds. Outside the convenience store, upon hearing three gun shots David bolts running towards Ken whom is waiting a block away.  Murphy exits the convenience store and sees that David is gone.  Murphy runs towards the location where Ken's car should be waiting only to see Ken's car speeding several blocks beyond Ken's apartment. Murphy purposefully decided to walk to the convenience store from his cousin's apartment two blocks away. However, now, not wanting to leave a trail leading back to his cousin's apartment, Murphy works his way in the opposite direction to a well populated shopping center parking lot and waits until he sees a woman step into her vehicle and back out of the parking space. Knowing that the woman's car will not automatically lock the doors until the woman puts the car in drive, Murphy rushes to the victim's car and jerks open the passenger door. He points his gun at the victim and orders her to get out of the car. She screams and hysterically yells, "My Baby!" while attempting to reach around to the back seat. Murphy, thinking she is reaching for a weapon shoots the woman and shoves her from the vehicle as he speeds away. The woman rolls under nearby shrub bushes, which means she is out of plain view of other shoppers. She is alive, but severely wounded. She later tell investigators that her assailant looked crazed as if on drugs. Murphy drives the car south on the interstate freeway to a private lake, in a gated community, near his home about 29 miles south of the shopping center. He drives the car to a cliff area overlooking the lake and jumps out of the car as it rolls toward an over the cliff.  Murphy did not see the baby strapped in the car seat safely tucked away in the back seat. Murphy throws the gun into the lake in the area where the car sank into the water.  Sport divers later inadvertently discover the sunken vehicle; the body of the tiny toddler and the handgun. The police eventually develop a case against Murphy, Ken and David and secured search and arrest warrants.  Ken and David were arrested without incidence, both agreed to cooperate with investigators and each provided a voluntary statement with details of how Murphy had held them at gun point to participate in the convenience store incident.  Both would later claim that the police entrapped them with their confessions. Murphy was stopped for a traffic/DUI violation and identified himself as Joseph to the officer.  The arresting officer struggled with Murphy while handcuffing Murphy.  Murphy then fled, handcuffed, from the Officer's cruiser and was eventually rearrested several hours later.  Murphy demanded an attorney and refused to give a statement.  The woman's vehicle was valued at $35,000.00 and was declared a total loss.


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