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1) Arthur C


1) Arthur C. Danto suggests that the reason why people have held different things to be art in different eras is:

a. different eras theorized about art differently.

b. different artists created different works of art based on their taste and talents.

c. notions of beauty change over time.

d. modern technologies have led to new forms of art, which in turn lead to changing notions of what art is.


2.According to Arthur C. Danto, Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes, are works of art because:

a. they embody a meaning.

b. they were labeled 'art' by museum and gallery directors and were purchased by art collectors.

c. they mimicked objects that exist in the real world (boxes of Brillo pads).

d. actually, he didn't think were works of art at all.


3. For George Dickie, a large rock found on the side of the road:

a.has, under the right conditions, the potential to become art.

b. is a work of art.

c.can never be a work of art.

d.may be useful for ritual purposes.


4.According to George Dickie, what is the problem with many theories of art?

a.they look for necessary conditions of art found in observable features of works of art

b.they are too broad

c.they are based on institutional relations and do not consider the emotional impact of art

d.they are based on taste


5.According to George Dickie, an artifact is: object invested with meanings that members of a community are well acquainted with.

b.a rules-based set of interrelated roles and practices among a group of people.

c. the imitation or representation of an object, person, or place.

d.any material manipulated and used in a particular way by people.

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