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Homework answers / question archive / Q1) Reply  During the get-started exercise, I learned a lot

Q1) Reply  During the get-started exercise, I learned a lot


Q1) Reply

 During the get-started exercise, I learned a lot. One of the main things that I learned was that it is very important to read over and have a copy of the capstone courier handy.  I feel that it is important to look at departments individually but then as a whole as well to make sure one department doesn't take down another department. Overall, I am excited to see how everyone does as a team to make our business grow over the next several weeks. 

Q2) reply

 There are many things to pay attention to. For instance, in R & D, you must open the courier report and the condition report for Captone Courier in order to know if you need to adjust based on the given value in each item's performance and size values for the Traditional, Low End, High End, Performance, and Size segments. Also, you must be aware of your competitors' MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) and force yourself to select the largest amount possible in light of the circumstances. Another thing I noticed is that the data displays the segment center at the conclusion of each round. For instance, each round's position can be observed in the next round starting position. And certainly, the CAPSIM is quite challenging; you must always pay attention to every detail and closely monitor the advancement of your rivals. 

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