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Homework answers / question archive / Middle Childhood Discussion 5454 unread replies

Middle Childhood Discussion 5454 unread replies


Middle Childhood Discussion

5454 unread replies.5454 replies.

Middle childhood is a time to explore talents and dreams and there are many opportunities to do so. Summer camps (day camps, resident camps, etc.) are great ways for kids to break free of the routine, learn new skills, make new friends, and broaden their horizons. Think they're all expensive? Think again!

Surf around the (Links to an external site.) website. If you were a kid, which camp appeals to you? Find the summer camp of your dreams! Imagine that you are 10 years old, and your parents have unlimited money. Where would you like to go to camp? What activities does it have? Actually there ARE less expensive camps. But, hey, dream big! By the way, summer camp is NOT the same as camping. Camping is in a tent with no showers in sight. Summer camp is so much more.

Post your two-paragraph reply to the prompt and then thoughtfully reply to two others' posts for the 5-point maximum. See the rubric below, or click the three dots above and "Show Rubric".

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