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Homework answers / question archive / Part 1 Please peruse the following website: http://ancientgraffiti

Part 1 Please peruse the following website: http://ancientgraffiti


Part 1 Please peruse the following website: to an external site.) Then, select ONE example of an ancient graffito from the database. Generally, graffiti are thought of as "outside" the realm of proper art history. In recent decades, artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Rauschenberg, and Banksy have spurred the reconsideration of graffiti and its place in the artworld and in art history. Please embed your chosen graffito into your response. In a two page essay, explain what you find significant about this graffito in relation to the daily life and culture of Ancient Rome. Please be sure to include a formal analysis of your graffito in your response (discussing its lines will be of utmost importance!) Part 2 Please watch the following video (and take a look at the images on the bottom of the webpage, too!) to an external site.) Then, in an original thread, please address one of the following questions: What action(s), if any, should the Metropolitan Museum of Art take in regards to the Bubon Bronze in its collection? More generally, what responsibility do museums have in regards to provenance? Does the responsibility of museums differ from that of private collectors and galleries? Why or why not? In your responses to other original threads, please explain why you agree or disagree with the conclusions of the original poster.

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