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Homework answers / question archive / Need help with my writing homework on Hildegard Von Bingen

Need help with my writing homework on Hildegard Von Bingen


Need help with my writing homework on Hildegard Von Bingen. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Her story is of an irresistible spirit who overcame social-cultural, physical, and gender barriers to achieve transcendence. (Monson 2013)

Hildegard was born the tenth child of a dignified family. It was custom in that time for the tenth born child to be offered to the church. She was to be a companion to Jutta who decided to be a religious recluse in the Benedictine monastery of saint Disabled. Hildegard at that time was uneducated but Jutta thought her how to chant psalms and thus enabled her to learn basic Latin. Hildegard had some gifts she had not disclosed to anyone, only to Jutta whom she had grown to trust. She disclosed how she had visions of the divine while her eyes were fully open since she was a child. Jutta informed the monk priest Volmar who became Hildegard’s most important teacher, confessor and secretary. When Jutta died she was elected the nuns’ mother superior based on her good administrative skills.

Hildegard turned most of her early visions into her first prophetic book known as Scivias, which was divided into three parts. creation, redemption and salvation. Pope Eugene III ordered the Scivias and read it to the bishops and cardinals. He ensured he got the synod approval and ordered Hildegard to continue writing her visions. Many people wrote to her for advice and she became the only woman to be allowed to preach in the covenant as a prophetess. Hildegard’s vision of her preaching accompanied by other nuns enabled her to get authorization to start her own covenant. From her fame and unique abilities, she gathered a large number of followers that came to listen to her and give their messages in the covenant. By getting written and oral messages it helped her improve her skills and in handling her visionary work. She was considered the most prolific and original composer in the twelfth century.&nbsp.

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