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Homework answers / question archive / Journal Response l "Quote Journal" DIRECTIONS: A

Journal Response l "Quote Journal" DIRECTIONS: A


Journal Response l "Quote Journal" DIRECTIONS: A. You will choose one quote from the suggested list below. B. Your response journal entry must contain the following: - A quotation. - Who said it {the attribution). to whom, and in what context. - The source of the quote [what chapter, speci?cally, did you ?nd the quote). "(our personal commentary, evaluation, or opinion regarding the quote. 1) "If you speak and write in English, or Spanish, or Chinese. or any other language. then only a certain percentage of human beings will get your meaning . . . But when you draw a picture, everybody can understand it." 2) "Seriously, I know my mother and father had their dreams when they were kids. They dreamed about being something other than poor, but they never got the chance to be anything because nobody paid attention to their dreams." 3) "You've been ?ghting since you were born . . . You fought off that brain surgery. You fought off those seizures . . . You kept your hope. And now, you have to take your hope and go somewhere where other people have hope." 4) "Ok. so maybe my white teammates had problems. serious problems. but none of their problems was life threatening . . . But I looked over at the Wellpinit Redskins, at Rowdy . . . I knew that two or three of those Indians might not have eaten breakfast that morning." 5) "I'd always been the lowest Indian on the reservation totem pole — I wasn't expected to be good so I wasn't. But in Reardan, my coach and the other players wanted me to be good. They needed me to be good. They expected me to be good . . . And so l became g ." 6) "I think Rowdy might be the most important person in my life. Maybe more important than my family. Can your best friend be more important than your family?' 7) "Poverty doesn't give you strength or teach you lessons about perseverance. No. poverty only teaches you how to be poor." 8) "I was half Indian in one place and half white in the other . . . It was like being Indian was my job, but it was only a part- timejob. And it didn't pay well at all." 9) "I know, I know, but some Indians think you have to act white to make your life better. Some lndians think you become while if you try to make your life better. if you become successful." 10) "1 love Indians. 1 tove our songs, your dances, and your souls. And I love your art." 1]] "Well, life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community." 12) "He dmn't believe in physical punishment; he believes in staring so cold at me that I turn into an ice-covered ice cube with an icy ?lling." 13) "And I kept trying to ?nd the little pieces of joy in my life. That's the only way I managed to make it through all of that death and change."



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