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Use the company you chose in Week 1 ( wrightdfs


Use the company you chose in Week 1 ( Wright Direction Family Services and continue to assume the role of a new manager. In this assignment, you finalize your implementation plan by completing Part 2. Complete Part 2 of your implementation plan in 700 to 1,050 words. Assess the leadership skills required to carry out the implementation and identify any skill gaps that must be addressed through training. Identify which of the following strategies are employed for this implementation and briefly describe how they are used: Overall cost leadership Differentiation Focus in gaining or maximizing competitive advantage Incorporate the key competitive advantages in your implementation plan and explain how they are included in your approach. Explain how the organizational design may change as a result of the implementation plan. Create a timeline for the implementation and include major milestones. Summarize how this plan is expected to achieve strategic objectives and associated measurable outcomes. Include revisions to the strategic objectives or outcomes, if any.

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