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Homework answers / question archive / Company Structure & Brand Identity Project 1

Company Structure & Brand Identity Project 1


Company Structure & Brand Identity Project 1. Identify the structural decisions your selected company has made regarding company structure and whether it is private or public. 2. Is this the best structural setup for your company? Why or why not? 3. What would the company be like if it were a non-profit? 4. Consider the value that could be created and the possible unintended consequences of moving to alternative structures. 5. Develop a drawing or illustration that best communicates the current structure and conveys the story you would like to tell. 6. Use embedded illustrations to visualize your point of view My project is on the luxury fashion house brand Hermes. Hermes website: *Don't forget to talk about the structure of the company as well as the brand identity for Hermes My presentation can be in Canva Presentation PDF.

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