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Homework answers / question archive / Imagine you are a criminal justice practitioner (police officer)

Imagine you are a criminal justice practitioner (police officer)


Imagine you are a criminal justice practitioner (police officer). If you are police officer, for purposes of this assignment, you are the officer on the scene, responding to the crime and conducting the investigation and arrest. If you are the correctional officer, you are the one working with the person once he or she is sentenced. Address the following in your essay:

  1. Begin by reflecting on how you feel working with someone with a sexual disorder, specifically pedophilia, and how it would impact you professionally and personally. Discuss why you feel this way and if you can professionally put aside your mindset regarding this disorder. If you believe you will have no issues, discuss why.
  2. For those choosing to be police officers: How would you feel arriving on the scene, questioning people, and talking to the offender and victim? How would this impact the way you act? For those choosing to be correctional officers, how would working with this individual affect you? Would you treat him or her differently (whether on purpose or not)? How would it influence the way these individuals would be allowed to socialize with other inmates?
  3. Discuss how pedophilia differs from other sexual disorders. Why do people commonly think of this disorder, but do not think of the other sex disorders we learned about in this unit? Explain differences and similarities. Please follow APA guidelines and include references

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