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Homework answers / question archive /   Karla Moore ID 291014 Missouri Civics   Week 7 Assignment  Click this link: http://www

  Karla Moore ID 291014 Missouri Civics   Week 7 Assignment  Click this link: http://www



Karla Moore

ID 291014

Missouri Civics


Week 7 Assignment

  1.  Click this link:, read the information, and answer two questions: 

a) What are the four ways a person may register to vote in Missouri?

b) What are the basic requirements to be eligible to register to vote in Missouri? 

  1. Click this link: and indicate whether the statement below is true or false.
  2.  Study the links and information on the site at: and answer questions a-d below. 

a) What are some of the types of ID acceptable for personal identification registered Missouri voters may use when going to vote?              

b) What are the two types of voting options Missouri voters have at the poll booth?

c) How long are voting polls usually open on Missouri election days?

d) Where may Missouri citizens find election results online after the elections?

4.  Read the Missouri Voters Bill of Rights at: and explain three rights guaranteed to voters in Missouri. 

5 .Missouri Political Parties - Each of the political parties below is currently listed as active in the state of Missouri.  Other parties exist but may or may not hold active national offices in Missouri at this time. Visit each party link below and read enough on each site to learn about the key differences among them. For each party below, list the party name and two specific platform ideas or beliefs it represents.


Constitution Party of Missouri

Missouri Democratic Party  

Missouri Libertarian Party

Progressive Party of Missouri / Green Party

Missouri Republican Party


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