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Homework answers / question archive / Art Analysis and Inspiration - Written Assignment #3 Learning Outcomes 1

Art Analysis and Inspiration - Written Assignment #3 Learning Outcomes 1


Art Analysis and Inspiration - Written Assignment #3

Learning Outcomes

1.            Analyze two works of art using the vocabulary you have learned this semester, including

a.            Artistic Media

b.            Elements of Art

c.             Principles of Design

d.            Themes addressed

e.            Contextual history

2.            Compare and contrast the two pieces

3.            Express a unique way that the works inspire your own creativity

Background and Reading Focus

Unit 4, The History of Art, gives you the historical context necessary for better understanding a piece of art.  It is the culmination of your reading for the semester. With the historical context in mind, along with the rest of the skills you have learned about looking at and understanding art, you are amply prepared to analyze art on your own! This assignment brings together all of the reading you have done this semester.

Assignment Overview:

There are 3 parts to this assignment. 1) Description - You will choose two different pieces of art found in our textbook (any two).  You will first describe in detail the two pieces using the 5 areas of analysis listed above. 2) Analysis - You will then compare (express similarities) and contrast (express differences) between the two. 3) Inspiration - Finally you will have some choices to express how these pieces of art inspire your own creativity.  You will be required to do some additional research for this last assignment. That research should be correctly cited throughout your writing and you should also provide a works cited list at the end. The guidelines in greater detail are as follows:



Part 1: Description (50 points; 500 words minimum - 1000 words maximum)

1.            Choose 2 works of art that are found in the text. You can choose works from any chapter.  Find a digital image of these two works and copy and paste them into a word document.

2.            In addition to the information that the book provides you about these works, please find at least two other sources of information to research these works. Here is a link to the MCTC library Art research guide site:  Art: Guide Home.  List these two other sources in a works cited list as the last page of your assignment. Please use the MLA style of citations. Here is a link to the MCTC library’s page on how to create citations:  Citation Help

3.            List the Title of the works and the artists

4.            Analyze two works of art using the vocabulary you have learned this semester. Please do this in essay form, using full sentences and correct grammar. If you use ideas found in our text book, please directly cite the text.  If you use ideas from the other sources you used to research your works, please cite them appropriately. Be sure to include all of the following:

a.            Contextual history - What part of art history does each of the two works come from? How does that inform your interpretation of the works? Please include at least 3 pieces of information about the artist and the time period they worked in. Be sure that the context you choose strongly informs the work and helps you understand it better.  Please do this for each of the two works.

b.            Artistic Media - what media and techniques were used in making each of the pieces you chose?

c.             Elements of Art - please discuss at least 3 elements that you see in each of the 2 works (6 total)

d.            Principles of Design - please discuss at least 2 principles of design that you see in each of the 2 works (4 total)

e.            Themes - what themes do you think are being addressed in each of the works?  Please use the themes outlined in chapter 2.  (starting on page 56 in your text)


Part 2: Analysis  (25 points; 200 words minimum - 400 words max)

1.            In essay format, please compare the two works of art you chose.  Are there formal similarities (visual - using similar elements or principles?) material similarities? Conceptual similarities (similar themes)?   Then contrast the two.  How do they stand apart from each other? In your analysis, please do not state the obvious. (eg: they are both paintings, or one is pink and one is blue).  Instead, please dig a little deeper.  Use the vocabulary that you have learned this semester.  Make informed observations.  Stretch yourself!  Go out on a limb.  If you make a statement about the work, back it up.  Tell me WHY you think this.  I might disagree with your conclusions, but if you back them up with thoughtful and accurate analysis and give me all of your reasons for your statements, I will not deduct points!  But I need your logic in order to do this.  Don’t leave me hanging.  :)


Part 3: Inspiration! (25 points; various options for completion)

There are several ways that you can complete this section.  In essence, the basic question is how do these works of art inspire your own creativity? Please choose one of the following prompts to complete this section:


Option 1)  Create a unique work of art that is inspired by one or both of the works you have chosen to analyze.  This could be a song, a video, a drawing or painting, a collage, a poem, wearable art, or craft…. all media or techniques are appropriate (food is included if you make it yourself!). Document this work in whatever way makes most sense to you.  If it is a visual work of art, a photograph or short video will work.  If it is audio, record it on your phone. If it is a short piece of writing, please submit it in a document.  You can either upload your documentation to the assignment platform as a separate file from parts 1 and 2 or you can include an image or a link within the same document you use for parts 1 and 2.  Please describe in a sentence or two how your creation was inspired by your research.


Option 2)  Visit a different museum or gallery from the one that you visited for your museum assignment. You can choose where to go! Feel free to use one of the other suggestions in the museum assignment, or strike out and find something else. Find a work of art that you see as being linked to the two that you analyzed in parts 1 and 2.  Photograph the work or art and write a short essay (250 - 350 words) about why you think they are connected. Include this in the same document as parts 1 and 2.


Option 3) Write an essay (around 500 words) describing how you are inspired by the works of art you have chosen to analyze in parts 1 and 2 inspire you. Did they change your perspective about something?  Do they help you understand an element of your spirituality better? Do they inspire you to take an action or be a better person? Why? How do they lift your spirit or inform the path you are walking in life? Why? If you looked at one or both of the works of art every day, what do you think it could teach you? Include this in the same document as parts 1 and 2.


Please type your essays for parts 1 and 2  into a word document. You will receive credit for answering all of the questions and for the thoughtfulness, accuracy and descriptiveness of the works of art that you choose. If you choose to do option 1 for part 3, you are welcome to submit two files.  Please only submit one file for options 2 and 3.   The rubric that I will be using is posted in the assignment information for your convenience. 

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