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Answer the following question below


Answer the following question below. Your paper should be approximately 1250 - 1500 words, double spaced using standard margins and font.

Remember to answer the question being asked, and in doing so, to demonstrate your understanding of the material covered in the readings and in class- what are the core and important concepts and ideas. Make sure you cite all work that is not yours in the text (including any quotes). You can use other source material for your paper besides the textbook, but it should be a credible source and you need to cite it in the paper. You can use APA, MLA, or Chicago style citations, but be consistent throughout. The purpose to draw connections between the different aspects of politics we have been covering this section.

This paper will force you to articulate an argument and support it with evidence. Use the textbook as your guide, all of the evidence you will need will be included there. Think about how to construct your paper before writing, develop a brief outline of your main points and organization, this will help you greatly when writing.


  1. Is it more important for government to protect civil rights or to avoid infringing upon civil liberties? Take a position and argue one side of this question - NOT BOTH. You will need to understand the changing dynamics of government protections of civil rights as juxtaposed to not interfering with civil liberties. As should be clear to you by now, US history is filled with examples where protections of rights clash with liberties and that is what you need to grapple with in this paper. Use evidence from the readings/class to support your argument.

Think about why social movements form and to what ends. What actions does government take to try to ensure equality under the law and how that is different from social equality. Think about if there are any examples of where social movements seeking rights creates government action that stands in contrast to civil liberties. In essence, when does civil rights matter over civil liberties, and consider how civil liberties are not open ended.

Please source work and use American Government Political Development and Institutional Change By Cal Jillson as one of your references.

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