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Homework answers / question archive /   You are required to prepare a market situation analysis plan based on the guide provided below

  You are required to prepare a market situation analysis plan based on the guide provided below



You are required to prepare a market situation analysis plan based on the guide provided below.
The world is changing rapidly, so do the events around us. These days we often discuss one common
term, Disruptive Innovation in Business. Disruptive Innovation refers to the advent of a new
technology whose application significantly affects the way a market or industry functions.
This assessment will contribute 30% to your overall grade. Participating in group activities you are
required to work along with your team and prepare a market situation analysis plan.
? Groups of four members are formed at the first tutorial
? Identify any ONE example of disruptive innovation of a firm and create a Market
Situation Analysis Plan. It could be a product or a service. However within the tutorial,
there cannot be any repeated example of disruptive innovation product/service.
? Describe what the company’s current marketing strategy is related to the product. You will
be assessed on your ability to integrate the concepts with marketing practice.
? Evaluate the marketing strategy. Use marketing theories from the text or journal sources to
guide your critical evaluation. Where possible integrate these theories, using them to justify
your assertions.
? This assessment is concerned with your analytical skills rather than data gathering skills.
? Students are advised for this task in any circumstances NOT to contact organisations
directly. Use secondary data and Where you are not able to access factual information,
you will need to make observations, estimates and assumptions as best you can.
? The assignment is to be presented in report format, not as an essay. This means that you
may use headings and subheadings.
? Use the topics outlined below as a guide. You do not need to include all these points.
Include only those which are relevant to your example of disruptive innovation and its
• Title Page, Executive summary, Table of contents, Table of figures
• Overview and Background of the Firm (A)
? Describe the disruptive innovation of the firm
? Current market situation overview – includes target market/s, customers, competitors,
? Any salient operating issues or market trends?
? Apparent Company Capabilities and Resources
? Conduct a brief overview style SWOT analysis: identification of major strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
? The Market Environment Situation (micro & macro environment)
• The Product Market Situation (B) – in which markets does the firm operate? (If your firm
operates in multiple markets choose one and refine analysis around that disruptive innovation
market). Please note that product markets are like industries, not groups of customers.
? Market definition
? Market size if possible.
? Market growth & potential
? Any trends in the market?

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