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Homework answers / question archive / Instructions: There are 6 essay questions below that address material from the second half of this course

Instructions: There are 6 essay questions below that address material from the second half of this course


Instructions: There are 6 essay questions below that address material from the second half of this course. You are free to use additional material from earlier in the course or that you gather on your own to support your answers as well. You must pick 3 QUESTIONS to answer – and each question is worth 25 points for a total of 75 points.The questions will be evaluated on completeness and how well you communicate your argument. Please put the question number beside each answer.


I would expect that most questions will require an answer around 1 single-spaced page/question, although some may be a little longer and some may be a little shorter. Please also include a reference page at the end of the assignment that includes all the sources you cited in the text of the answers in APA format (and alphabetical order).

1. You have recently hired a new health information technology specialist in your unit. You provide her the 2018 Report to Congress from our course Modules (Module 14) and ask her to read it. In preparation for your onboarding meeting with her, you create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that goes over the most important items from the report that you think will be useful to her. The FAQ document should have 6-8 questions and answers (at least).

2. Explain the need for fiscal planning in organizations by discussing best practices in budgeting and the various types of budgets that can be employed and identifying common budget periods in health care. Finally, review the steps in the budget cycle and the role of a health care leader or manager in determining budgetary priorities (Chapter 8).

3. Compare and contrast the five models for understanding team dynamics, going beyond what just what was in the reading from our Course Modules (Module 10). Which model makes the most conceptual sense to you in thinking about teams you have been (or will be) involved in within a healthcare environment and why?

4. Consider the follow statement: “plans in and of themselves are not particularly useful; however, the planning process is invaluable”. In essay form, thoroughly explain what you believe is meant by this statement. It will be necessary to examine the statement from both directions. That is, explain the truth (or lack thereof) in the comment about plans not being especially useful, and then proceed to explain the supposedly greater value of the planning process (Strategic Planning Module 13).

5. Using the conflict model on p. 227 in the textbook as a guide, describe a conflict that you have personally been involved with or witnessed in a work environment. You can discuss a paid employment situation or one from a volunteer organization/group that you were part of.

6. A nurse comes to you with a prepared argument that he isn’t being compensated the same as the other nurses with similar years of experience, shift assignments, etc. While you can’t talk specifically about the other salaries in your unit, you know that there are more factors at play than what meets the eye. Prepare a response to this nurse highlighting other issues that may be at play to help explain the difference. Support your choices through evidence-based practices in conflict management (Module 12).

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