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Homework answers / question archive / Formal Research Report Assignment Approval Prepare a formal research report on a topic of your choice that has been approved by your instructor

Formal Research Report Assignment Approval Prepare a formal research report on a topic of your choice that has been approved by your instructor


Formal Research Report Assignment Approval Prepare a formal research report on a topic of your choice that has been approved by your instructor. If you decide to change your topic, you may only do so if you submit a new report proposal within two weeks of the date that the original report proposal is returned to you. This is the final deadline for your instructor to consider approval of a new topic. (You may not change your topic as the deadline approaches). Research Your research should include a variety of sources. You are required to rely on secondary sources. Examples of secondary sources include books, articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. Depending upon your topic, you may also want to obtain business documents, such as annual reports and brochures, and government documents. In addition, you may want to rely on primary sources, such as information obtained from interviews with appropriate individuals on or off campus, observations of a business or system, and surveys completed by appropriate individuals. However, primary sources are optional; therefore, it is not acceptable to rely only on interviews and surveys. Also, do not rely only on internal documents obtained at your place of work or only on websites. You should avoid using encyclopedia websites, as they are not suitable for academic research. Format A formal report is ‘formal’ because it has parts that follow specific forms. This report should contain the following required parts, called Front Matter: • • • • • Title page Transmittal memo Table of Contents List of Figures (can be added at the end of the Table of Contents page if space permits) Executive Summary Note: The actual figures should be placed within the ‘body’ of the report if they do not fill more than one-fourth of a page. They should be placed in an appendix if they are large (half a page to one page of space). Optional Front Matter: Cover page (cardstock cover to accompany binding) that precedes the title page. Note: Cardstock is not cardboard. Pagination for Front Matter: Use lowercase roman numerals • Title page (no page number) • Transmittal Memorandum (ii) • Table of Contents and List of Figures (iii) • Executive Summary (iv) 1 If the List of Figures needs to follow the Table of Contents, the pagination is as follows: • Title page (no page number) • Transmittal Memorandum (ii) • Table of Contents (iii) • List of Figures (iv) • Executive Summary (v) The Formal Report itself should include the following parts: • Introduction (with subsections) • Body (with major categories and subcategories/sections identified by headings and subheadings) • Figures (at least two figures, which are labeled with figure numbers and figure titles and include introductory statements and explanations) • Conclusions (interpretations of the data, which is different from a summary) • Recommendations (suggestions for a course of action) • Works Cited page (formatted in the MLA Documentation Style) Headings As stated above, use headings to identify the major and subcategories. Rely on your outline for guidance. Pagination Unlike the front matter, use Arabic numerals for page numbers for the report itself. Place page numbers at the bottom center of pages. (Do not use subsequent page headings, which are used for memos.) Optional End Matter Appendices constitute End Matter. These are supplementary materials, such as examples of legal documents, a glossary of terms, additional figures that are oversized, etc. In-Text Documentation You must document your sources using the MLA documentation style within the ‘body’ of your report, in addition to providing a Works Cited page at the end of your report, prior to any appendices. All sources, whether quoted or paraphrased, must be documented with attributive tags (initial introductions to sources) and parenthetical citations within your report. The attributive tags should initially state the full name of the author, his/her credentials, and the title of the source referred to. Only the last name of the author is required for subsequent references, unless there are two or more authors referred to with the same last name. Attributive tags do not replace parenthetical citations. Use parenthetical citations (author’s last name and page numbers) after all quoted and paraphrased references. Length A minimum of 8 pages double-spaced. 2 DATE: 2/21/21 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: A PRIME OPPORTUNITY FOR COMPANY GROWTH INTERNATIONALLY Statement of Purpose: MOVING THE COMPANY OPERATIONS TO DUBAI, U.A.E. Problem: Currently, our company is doing fair in the market, but there are other competitors that outdo us greatly. Something that our competition companies have in common with each other is having production, distribution, and executive offices overseas. By moving overseas, our company would be more likely to be a successful competitor to our rival companies and our company would have a better opportunity at getting the supplies we need to operate and the consumer interest we need. Audience: The primary audience will be the top advisors and executives of the company, those who have the final say in where our company goes, what we offer, and where we locate. The secondary audience would be the rest of the employees within the company. Subject: The world economy is growing daily, and our company could grow along with it if we had a broader consumer need and market for our products and a location in which we can grow our business further in. By going internationally, businesses have found that there is an increased chance of having business and business opportunities for expansion. Outline: 1. Disadvantages of Staying in the Current Location a. Less Consumer Interest b. Higher Costs for Supplies 2. Advantages of Moving the Company a. Larger Selling Market (internationally) b. Cheaper Supplies c. Ability to Utilize Time in Other Areas of the Company 3. Market in Dubai a. Major Competitors b. Market Interests c. Company Costs 4. Why Moving the Company Will Be Beneficial (Reiterated) a. Benefits of Dubai as a Selling Market b. Benefits of Dubai as a Company Base c. Costs Primary Sources: I would like to find data on companies that mainly operate in Dubai and possibly interview heads of companies that have one of their executive locations in Dubai. Secondary Sources: Hanafin, J. (2018, August 08). Seven reasons why now is the time to relocate to The UAE. Retrieved February 22, 2021, from Moving to Dubai. (n.d.). Retrieved February 22, 2021, from Nagraj, A. (2018, August 23). Here's why it's the right time to relocate your family and business to Dubai. Retrieved February 22, 2021, from Petch, N. (2016, August 24). The do's and don't's of doing business in dubai. Retrieved February 22, 2021, from Work Schedule: Provide Proposal, Wait for Approval February 12 Revisions to Requested Proposal February 15 *Optional* Request Interviews February 20 Adjustment Letter February 28 Extensive Library Research March 1 Find More Sources March 2 Contact International Business Advisors March 4 Begin Rough Draft March 6 Refusal Letter March 7 Feedback on Rough Draft March 14 Apply Feedback March 19 Progress Report March 28 Continue Research and Rough Draft March 30 Turn in Final Report April 4 Potential Problems: The executives of the company may be apprehensive about the idea of moving abroad, especially if there is not enough information about the U.A.E. and how to do business there present at the proposal. Businesses today are growing faster than ever and one of the world’s best cities to grow and develop in is Abu Dubai, U.A.E. because it has the most potential for growing the potential consumer market and growing our business operations. While the move in location seems drastic, there are many benefits that come with the change that outweigh the initial idea of relocating.

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