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Homework answers / question archive /  Draw a block diagram of a Raman spectrometer

 Draw a block diagram of a Raman spectrometer


 Draw a block diagram of a Raman spectrometer. Label all relevant parts such as source, wavelength selectors, sample chamber and detector. What is the angle between the sample holder and the detector and why? Q2 (10) On the following energy level diagram please depict the transitions associated with Raman scattering (stokes and anti-stokes), IR scattering, fluorescence and UV-vis absorption Virtual state Q3 (20) For the following cell: Saturated Calomel Electrode || MnO4- (5mM), MnO42-(XmM)|Pt What is the concentration of MnO42- if the cell potential is -.274 V? Show all your work. Q4(10) What kind of sample prep would you use for the following compounds and why? a) Horse blood looking for doping agents using GC-MS b) Human urine looking for methamphetamine metabolites by LC-MS c) 100 ul samples of river water looking for organic pesticides by GC-MS d) Human blood looking for ethanol by GC-MS Q5 (10) What are the 4 steps of using an SPE cartridge? Why is each step needed? Q6(20) You are separating out the components of tonic water using capillary electrophoresis using phenol as the internal standard. You expect to see the following compounds: Quinine Saccharin Phenol a) If the detector is at the negative terminal what is the elution order and why? b) Explain the differences between electroosmotic and electrophoretic flow. Benzoate Q7(10) a) If you were to look through a polarized light microscope with both the analyzer and polarizer engaged, with no sample present, what would you expect to see and why? b) If your sample has a thickness of .01 mm and is exhibiting fourth order red interference colors estimate the birefringence using the attached Michel-Levy chart. Q8(10) a) If the following drug, Clorazepate, were to undergo a silylation with MSTFA, where could the TMS group attach and why? b) What if the same drug were to undergo an acylation with TFAA? Where could the acyl group attach and why?

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