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Homework answers / question archive / Summary a meditative essay in which define "The Good Life

Summary a meditative essay in which define "The Good Life


Summary a meditative essay in which define "The Good Life."  Ok, maybe not so simple.  But I presume that you have some idea about how a life should be lived and what it's for. I also presume that you would like to live your life in accordance with this idea. Tell me about it. Work me through your philosophy of the good life.  Give me the tour. But remember, this is a philosophy class, which means being a little skeptical and even more circumspect. Just summarize your thoughts out on the page, almost as if to yourself, but keep a tiny little Socrates on your shoulder, whispering in your ear "Am I sure about this?" as you write every sentence. Also, tell me about where you think your ideas come from, what influenced them, and how they differ from other philosophical or religious positions  you've encountered before, in this course or elsewhere. Somewhere Darwin wrote, "all observation must be for or against some view if it is to serve any purpose."   so how does your idea of the good life square up against, for instance, the Aristotelian idea of eudaimonia? Or the Taoist principle of "effortless action"?  Does it stress your individualism, like Jefferson's founding idea of happiness as personal "property? Or does it lay emphasis more on your communal entanglements and responsibilities, like the notion of ubuntu.  Part of knowing what "The Good Life" is for you is knowing what it isn't.

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