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Homework answers / question archive / THE AWAKENING OF THE NATIONALIST SPIRIT* 




... There now exists a factor which was formerly lacking -- the spirit of the nation has been aroused and a common misfortune, a common debasement has united all the inhabitants of the Islands. A numerous enlightened class now exists within and without the Islands, a class created and continually augmented by the stupidity of certain governing powers, which forces the inhabitants to leave the country, to secure education abroad, and it is maintained thanks to the provocation and the system of espionage in vogue. This class, whose number is cumulatively increasing, is in constant communication with the rest of the Islands, and if today it constitutes only the brain of the country in a few years it will form the whole nervous system and manifest its existence in all its acts.

*Taken from the essay written by Dr. Jose Rizal entitled "Philippines a Century Hence". This essay was published per chapter in La Solidaridad from September 30, 1889 until February 1, 1890. 


Objectives of the Reform Movement 

There is an aspiration for a comfortable life in the Philippines; the taxpayers, the country who is supporting the flag of Spain through their farms and through their blood - this loyal country is aware that he is not only composed of flocks of sheep. This country is not asking for any kind of sacrifice from Spain; all it asks is to be governed properly, or if not, to understand our cause, and for the country to be heard through legitimate governance. We ask for assimilation; we are asking as it is our right for the said islands to be part of Spain.* 

*One of the editorials in La Solidaridad that is originally written in Spanish under the editorship of Marcelo H. del Pilar. He started to be an editor for La Solidaridad in December 1889. It was only transferred by the editor in English 


Activity Question: 

According to Rizal, who will continue the objectives that were started by the Secularization movement? How did he describe them? Who are they? Explain the goal of this group. What are the objectives/aims of the reform movement? 

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