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Homework answers / question archive / Prepare an essay that describes techniques for how a large group (i

Prepare an essay that describes techniques for how a large group (i

Computer Science

Prepare an essay that describes techniques for how a large group (i.e. group size 10, 100, or more) can work together effectively along with examples of software teams that utilize that technique.

A non-programming example of large-scale collaboration is the distribution of covid-19 vaccinations across the country to millions of patients. Healthcare workers had to distribute vaccination shots will keeping in mind the social distancing protocol and vaccination expiration dates alongside booster shot timeframes. To reach certain high-risk populations the government set up programs and vaccination sites based on zip-codes - staffed by military and healthcare workers (folks with training instead of volunteers off the street) with an appointment scheduling center and barcodes. They had paper and digital vaccination cards to ensure accurate record-keeping. For your report, please focus on software

production-related concerns.

For example, certain project management techniques may be helpful, or certain leadership structure structures. It might even be the formation of a common agreement, such as a specification file or standards. Please include varying examples in multiple dimensions; such as techniques that could work amongst a team, techniques that work across different teams, techniques that work across different time-zones, or across different organizations. You may reference your experience of group work in this class or any group work in other Brooklyn College classes, however, please try to keep it to examples of producing technical work.

In the spirit of proper essay writing at an academic institution, please ensure that your main argument is clearly identifiable in the first paragraph of the document. Your successive paragraphs should be evidence provided to support your main argument.

Please prepare at least 2 page single-spaced (I" margins, 12pt Times New Roman font) of your points. Be sure to include references with your report since you should demonstrate having done some research for evidence to back up your arguments).

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