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Homework answers / question archive / A (~1 Paragraph Each) Define and offer a brief example

A (~1 Paragraph Each) Define and offer a brief example



(~1 Paragraph Each) Define and offer a brief example.

1. Intersectionality

2. Floating Signifier

3. Algorithmic Management

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

5. Liquid Modernity


1. Define and describe the difference between ascribed vs. achieved selves. Additionally, briefly discuss the historical reasons for the growing importance of the “achieved self” and its relationship to Post-Fordist organizing.

LONG RESPONSE: Option – 40 Points (~3 pages) Drawing on the three phases of branding we discussed in lecture – mass market, niche/authenticity, brand-as-institution – conduct an analysis of a single company’s branding across these three periods. For each phase of branding, you should discuss how key features of each of these phases, how those are made manifest in an organization’s branding, as well as changes in brand-consumer relationship. You may choose whatever company you like, but I strongly encourage you to choose a well-established company with a long history (e.g. Ford, Dove, American Airlines, General Electric, household goods manufacturers, etc.; that said, please don’t use Dove because we used it in lecture already!). Otherwise, you’re unlikely to find advertising from each of the three periods under analysis. You may use commercials, print advertisements, or anything else produced by a company so long as it contributes to its branding efforts. Last note: it’s ok if some of the features of a given phase of branding don’t show up in the brand you’re analyzing. It’s perfectly fine to say “while X is a common feature of mass market branding, it is not relevant to this particular ad.” Focus on what is relevant.

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