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Homework answers / question archive / During our time together, we had two guest speakers

During our time together, we had two guest speakers


During our time together, we had two guest speakers. What did you learn from them about working with children during a time of challenges and change. Use past articles to support your understanding of best practices to address the developmental needs of children (teacher support, family support, environment, etc). I recommend you re-read some of the articles that impacted your thinking..


  1. What did the educators do to connect with the children? Families?
  2. What learning was being demonstrated by the children? How did they know learning was taking place or not?
  3. What did the educators know about the children and child development?
  4. How did they adjust for change and challenges?
  5. What do you think is needed when working with children? What understanding will be of most valuable to you as you work with children and families?

*Each question is 10 points. Be careful with spelling and formatting. This can be an short essay form with a new paragraphs addressing a new question. You can also use a question and then answer format in your writing. This should be a max of 3 pages.

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